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Aalto Thesis LaTeX Template

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This is the home of the Aaltothesis - Aalto BSc/MSc/Lic.Tech Thesis LaTeX Template - space.





  • You will also need the Aalto logo package. Note that this package contains old logos of BIZ (nee ECON) and ARTS.  Should you need BIZ or ARTS logos you are on your own at the moment.
  • The default format is now pdf  (you can still produce HQ prints by using the dvips option)
  • The thesis text is in Finnish and in an incomplete version in English. The complete English version is in preparation. However, the template is heavily commented in English, so it should be easy to use this template in theses written in English.
  • The compiled thesis template (opinnayteohje.pdf in Finnish) can be used as a stand-alone guide for all thesis writers no matter what typesetting software they are using. It should be noted that the typographical conventions used in the text are Finnish ones hence you will need to consult e.g. Chicago Manual of Style or such like when writing in English.
  • The template is not intended for doctoral dissertations as these are usually printed in the Aalto publication series.
  • School of Electrical Engineering thesis writers are encouraged to use the IEEE Citation Style when writing in English. Alas, this means that the \thebibliography part must be complete re-written by the thesis writer.