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If your PhD thesis includes articles previously published, your publishing agreement may cause  you to  need a permission from the publisher in order to use the article in the printed and electronic versions of your PhD thesis. Below is an example of a letter you may use to get this permission.

Dear  Publisher A ,

In Finland a PhD-thesis most often consists of an overview (about 30-50 pages long) and several articles published in scientific journals (at the  University usually six articles).

In my PhD-thesis the article published by Publisher A  is:

x (2010). Strategies and ..... International Journal of  4(1), 34-53.

I am cordially requesting your permission to include the article

(above) in the printed version (about 80 prints) of my thesis and also exhibit them in the internet as PDF-files on the www-page of our university library (http://lxxx and store them on the university server as part of my electronic thesis. I want to emphasize that the x University dissertation series does not have commercial purposes.

Please find below my contact information. I remain looking forward to your favourable reply which would enable me to comply with my universitys requirements for receiving a PhD degree.

Yours sincerely

Contact information:

x University , Finland Postal address: P.O. Box , FINLAND

Telephone: +358 (0)