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There has been discussion about our documentation and deliverables for a while now. Today System Engineers and Quality Engineer came to agreement about how we will organize our documentation. We will introduce a three-layer system which includes:

  1. basic wiki pages(for sandboxing and daily work)
  2. frozen work packets & useful ready stuff
  3. drafts & documents

System is simple but I will not explain now how it is implemented for spesific stuff. Probably all you need to know now; is that level-3 is what we will delivere for reviews and Maria will have strict quality control over this level, level-2 is ready stuff which can't be included into the documentation as it is. Bachelor thesis and special reports will be part of this level when they are ready etc... Jaan will qualify stuff from level-1 to level-2. Both level-2 and level-3 stuff will be issued document name following rules issued here. Format of the level-2 stuff can be more liberal than level-3.


  • Keep your garbage in level-1. Only real stuff to level-2&3.
  • Level-3 is what we have to deliver for reviews. This is what project needs!
  • You can refer to level-2 even when the document about that particular issue isn't ready.
  • Editing of the level-2&3 is  restricted to members of the team working on issue.
  • Drafts for documents will be created by System Engineers and Quality Engineers and then they are issued to team by management.
  • Changing frozen stuff and documents will be VERY HARD and requires approval process. So we will create NEW VERSIONS if information changes.

Implementation of this system and version control is quite straight forward and most of the stuff will be taken care by someone-else-than-you(tm). -> read: Q & SYS & M