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Student copying an academic article at Media Lab
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According to § 13 of the Copyright Act, any person may make a certain number of copies of a work by photocopying or a similar process [1]. Copyright at Universities is based on the license agreement between the Ministry of Education and Culture and the copyright society Kopiosto ry [2]. A condition for the application of this provision is that the author's consent has been obtained for work's exchange, e.g. for sale in a shop.

The copyright covers almost all types of publications, such as information and literary works as well as professional and scientific journals. Also copies taken from a digital source are of subject to copyright. According to the license agreement, the same students may have up to 20 pages of one work copied for them during one academic year, however not more than half of the total page count of the book. The photocopying right does not cover photocopying work, exercise or answer key books, or published slides or overhead projector transparencies. For more information, visit the Kopiosto webpages. There are also specific conditions linked to photocopying notes, which are discussed in more detail in the article on music.

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