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Note! Before proceeding, try first trashing the .aux file and recompile. If this didn't help, check whether your LaTeX distribution is compatible with the package. If your system should be compatible, then proceed to the questions.

Table of Contents

Compilation errors

LaTeX Error: File 'nnnn.sty' not found.

Your LaTeX distribution does not have package 'nnnn.sty' installed. The aaltologo package uses and takes advantage of the following packages

  • tikz,
  • color,
  • ifthen,
  • lcg,
  • newcent, and
  • helvet.

In addition, the aaltologo package takes advantage of the babel package if it is included.

If 'nnnn' is any of these, download them from CTAN or update (or ask your system administrator to update) your LaTeX distribution. However, these packages should be included in the recent distributions, so the first thing to do if you don't have these packages is to update your LaTeX distribution.

Package babel Error: You haven't specified a language option.

You have included the babel package but haven't specified the language to be used. Make sure that you have lines

\usepackage[<language options>]{babel}
\usepackage[<aaltologo options>]{aaltologo}

in your document preamble and with at least one language option given to the babel package.

Package babel Error: You haven't loaded the option 'nnnn' yet.

You gave the babel package at least one language option, compiled your file, then changed the babel package option so that you have as the last option a language that you didn't give before the compilation, compiled again, and got this error message, right? This is nothing harmful, you just messed up the document language processing the babel package performs. Compile your document once again, and you will not get this error message.

LaTeX Error: Unknown option 'nnnn' for package 'aaltologo'.

You have a typo in the aaltologo package options. Check the typing of the options.

Package xcolor Error: Undefined color 'nnnn'.

You have a typo in a color name.

Compilation warnings

Package aaltologo Warning: School name option 'NNNN' DEPRECATED.

You wanted to generate a logo for the School of Science and Technology, didn't you? Remember that the School of Science and Engineering was split into four schools in the beginning of 2011, so use the option for your new school. These options are kept just for legacy reasons.

Package aaltologo Warning: Ignoring library location, check option ordering.

Either you haven't given a library option (Kirjasto, Biblioteket, or Library) before the library location or you have given another school or institute name option between the library and the location options. Remember to type the library location option immediately after the library option.

Package lcg Warning: Using an already existing counter rand on input line NN.

Ignore. This is due to reinitialization of the random number generator. This warning, however, is handy for tracing the randomization.

Outcome troubleshooting

The school or institute name is not written in the language I want.

You wanted the logo text lines to be in Finnish or Swedish? You need to specify the language as the document language by giving the language option for the babel package. Or did you want the logo text lines to be in English? In that case remember that the last language option is set to the default language of the document. If you are using several languages within the document, you can change the document language in the running text with the command \selectlanguage{<language>}.

The school or institute name is wrong.

Either you haven't given the correct school/insitute option or you have given multiple school and institute name options. Check your package options or remove the options you don't need.

You need to specify the safety margins by yourself.

The color/mark of the logo is not the one I want.

If you use a random logo command, deal with it, it is a random logo. If you wanted a specific logo, check the command parameters.

The logo is broken.

Either you have specified logo parameters that are not valid or you have redefined the school and institute selection variables. Check the command parameters or stop messing with the variables.

The logo on the first page has black question mark although I randomize the logo parameters and the use the variables.

You haven't randomized the parameters before the first logo is drawn. The initialized values of the logo parameters are used. Initialized counters are zero, the color variable is aaltoBlack, and the mark variable is ?. Just perform the external randomization before the first logo is drawn.

Logo color and mark variables are not those of the logo in the page

If you don't use random logos, then the variables are at their initialized values (see the previous problem). If you use random logos, note that LaTeX lays out the document text first and after that the other parts. Therefore, if your random logo is in the header or footer, the parameters of the logo on that page are taken into use after the document text is laid out. If you want to use the logo parameters in the text, randomize the logo parameters in the document header/footer after the logo is drawn.

Bugs, coding efficiency, etc.

BugZ in Ur CoDE, n00bs!

Normal use of the package, i.e. you use the package and it's commands as explained in this documentation, has been tested thoroughly and there shouldn't be any bugs. However, if you encounter a bug in normal use, please contact the maintainers. If you have messed with the commands the package uses internally and that haven't been documented here on purpose, it's your own fault, n00b.

Your logo drawing paths/commands are inefficient, you could have shorter paths / more efficient commands.

Thank you for your comment. If you have more efficient realizations, please contact us and we will take a look at them.

I want a logo for my institute. Could you implement it into this package, please?

The logo hierarchy is controlled by Aalto University Marketing and Communications. Contact them if you want logos for your institute. If and only if they accept to give logos for your institute, they will contact the maintainers who will implement it into the package. Otherwise we won't implement it.