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Please use this package with all you LaTeX documents requiring the Aalto logo. Furthermore, you can use it with new document templates such as  theses, posters, etc.


The package distributed here package is distributed through Aalto Git repository and contains the following files and directories:

  • aaltologo.sty - The style file that provides the logo drawing commands and that sets the fonts and defines the Aalto University colors. UPDATED TO VERSION 1.1.2
  • aaltologo.pdf - The documentation of the package (that is, of the style file).
  • LICENSE.txt - The publication licenses of the package and the documentation.
  • README.txt - A very short description of package contents
  • aaltologo-showcase.pdf - A showcase of the logos that can be drawn using the package.
  • examples/ - A directory that contains the example codes given in the package documentation.

The latest version can be downloaded as a zip file form here


If you encounter problems when using the package, consult first the troubleshooting page before contacting the package maintainers. The maintainers do not want to receive hundreds of emails that complain about the same feature.