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Developing an Automated Instrument for Elastic Material Characterization

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A large part of the project was creating extensive documentation, such as a sensor characterization report, material characterization report and final project report. These documents can aid in future development and facilitate maintenance of both the software and the hardware. As a part of the project course, a business case document was also created.

Project planning

The project was divided into five high-level phases in the project plan:


Using data obtained from the material characterization, a MATLAB-script for simulating the behavior of the device was created. The script simulates the second measurement by interpolating the position- and force values obtained from material characterization using MATLAB’s own interpolation function. This simulator allows the users to understand how the system works before actually being in physical contact with the test setup. It also has plenty of potential future development.

Additional documentation

To document the new setup more accurately and ensure better maintainability, a document concerning the sensor characterization was made. A separate document detailing the material characterization results was also made.