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Juutinen Taneli, Kivistö Teppo, Särkelä Ollimatti

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Project description

The goal of this project is to make a beer pong robot, which can detect the location of a cup on the playing surface and shoot a ping pong ball to said cup. The cup detection is handled with ultrasonic sensor running on a Arduino Uno and the robots aim is controlled by two servo motors orienting horizontally and vertically. Correct position is calculated by simulating the flight trajectory with MATLAB. The ball is finally launched with a solenoid and an external power supply.


In addition to the automatic cup position detection and flight trajectory calculation, we included a manual positioning system with two potentiometers controlling the two servos.

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nameBePo-Bot video.MP4

List of components

  • Arduino Uno microcontroller
  • Two SG90 micro servo motors
  • HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance sensor
  • Heschen HS-0530B 12V 5N solenoid for shooting the ball
  • Two salvaged 10kohm potentiometers for manual control
  • Breadboard button for resetting the system
  • Another, more durable button for launching the solenoid
  • External adjustable power supply unit
  • Breadboard and a bunch of wires