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Melting Point

about 1100℃ 

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ColorDark bluish gray
Structural FormulaLiCoO2
Temperature (K)300
Crystal SystemRhombohedral
Space GroupR-3m
Molar mass97.87 g mol−1
a / Å 




count) at10 degree (2θ)


diffraction peak occurs at 2θ = ~2.82 degrees with a FWHM (Full Width at Half Maximum) of 10 units of 2θ

c / Å






at 76 degree (2θ)

diffraction peak occurs at 2θ = ~14.05 degrees with a FWHM (Full Width at Half Maximum) of 76 units of 2θ

LiCoO2 has rhombohedral symmetry and  belongs to  the space group  R-3m, This  crystal  structure  of  closed-packed  oxygen  layers stacked in an ABC arrangement with Co and Li ions residing in octahedral sites in alternating layers between the oxygen planes. Layers of intercalated lithium and cobalt(III) ions are present in Figure 2a. In order to create the Co-O layers, the cobalt(III) ion forms a stable connection with the nearby oxygen anion at the octahedral sites Figure 2b. At the end, the CoO2 plans are intercalated between the lithium layers.  Lithium and cobalt(III) ions alternately occupy the octahedral positions of these layers, forming an ABCABC-type sequential stacking with oxygen ion layers as shown in Figure 2c

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. It has an α-NaFeO2 type layered structure in which the oxygen atoms are combined in a cubic close-packed  system and  with  the  cell  parameters  of  a=  ~2.82(2)  Å  and c= ~14.05(1) Å, the Lithium and Cobalt ions are organized in alternating  (111)  planes  of  R-3m  space  group.
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