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Spring 2023 aims at a release in early June 2023 with current features, LTI and increased robustness whenever possible. During spring term, increments in are deployed during weekly maintenance windows(Tuesdays 9-12) whenever there are news to deploy.

Goal Ongoing goal for the spring term to-do: keep A+ stabile and robust, and follow reaching the goal with the number of RT bug tickets (the number should be smaller than in 2022) and use performance measurements as early warning signals

Projects during spring 2023

  • LTI 1.3 Platform: person responsible: Pasi, other participants: Eerik, Markku (Markus)
  • A+ performance measurements: person responsible: Jimmy (Master's thesis), other participants: Pasi
  • Git Manager improvements: person responsible: Tuomas, other participants: Markku, Pasi

Issues to be proceeded with whenever projects allow

  • to be updated