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The electric circuit uses mosfet as a electrically controlled switch. It allows us to control the motor speed when speeding up and descending. We also have a flyback diode to prevent any damage to the battery caused by the backemf. As a battery we use normal led acid battery acquired from Biltema. We couldn't find the batteries for sale anymore but the datasheet can be found here: (Biltema. 29.5.2017 DATA SHEET 80410 Lead Accumulator 12V-7,2Ah. website. Seen 7.4.2022. link: As for the FET any that can handle 12V and 30A will do as long as it can be opened with arduinos 5V output. We used TO-262 IRL8113L acquired from with a price of 2,94€. FET's datasheet can be found here: (IRL8113 IRL8113S IRL8113L. 11.06.2004 Seen. 7.4.2022 link: As a motor we use windshield wiper motor from Ford Fiesta. Windshield wiper motors are easy to come by and they should be generally strong enough for the task. We tested ours by measuring the axle torque with full power. We also determined the range of motion of the motors internal gearing by running it empty and marking the axle. Than we filmed the back and fourth rotation and determined a rough estimate of the degrees it will turn. Finally we worked out the max torque we could put on it based on the range of motion needed for handing over a full can which it did successfully at the end of Mechatronics circus. This kind of motors have so heavy gear ratio that we don't need to use energy for braking the motor even with full can. It is simply enough to decrease it's power when we want it to slow down. Useing recycled parts and only buying things such as resistors, diodes, battrybattery, MOSFET and so fourth the price of the project should stay under 50€.