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Aalto is developing a tool for course grading needs in the Service platform (Salesforce). In general, the idea is similar to OSR (osasuoritusrekisteri, partial grade registry) which has been in use at the CS department for decades. The tool is called SAM (study attainment management) during the development. The goals are:

  • all study attainments are collected from multiple systems to one place for students, teachers and counsellors to see (according to their permissions, of course), and also used for analytics
  • learning management systems (MyCourses, Exam, A+, PPP) are integrated to SAM in such a way that all assessment data (assignment points or grades, i.e. the low-level data) are retrieved automatically from learning management systems to SAM
    • note that students can see their assignment points or grades in SAM in one place as soon as they are created and published in the learning management systems - if you use delayed feedback, the points are published in SAM only after they are published in the learning management system
  • teachers can also add points or grades, e.g. paper exam grades, via CSV files to SAM
  • teachers can count partial grades (osasuorituksen arvosana) in SAM
  • teachers can count complete course grades (kurssiarvosana) based on the partial grades
  • SAM stores partial grades for the validity period (voimassaoloaika) teachers have defined
  • the course grade can be counted based on partial grades received in multiple course instances; for example, if some students take the exercises in Summer 2022 course and some students in the Autumn 2022 course, and they all take the exam in January 2023, the teacher can count the course grades for all these students in one go
  • the course grades can be submitted to Sisu for registering with one click (which also means that the teacher does not have to use Sisu at all in the grading process)


  • relevant assessment data is manually copied to SAM (hopefully summer 2022, but can be specified when SAM schedule is verified). The relevant data could be
    • students with at least one partial grade but no complete grade (i.e. students with only some exercise points but not enough to give a grade for the exercises, would be left out, as well as students with course grades)
    • data from academic years ca autumn 2017 →
  • users can not add new data in OSR but can access old data (if possible to restrict like this)
  • users can not access OSR but can ask admins for specific data (hopefully autumn 2022)
  • at some point, OSR will be run down (scheduling can be done only after SAM schedule is available)

The temporary process (estimate: for academic year 2021-2022)

Until the SAM process is available, you may will need to do some manual work with CSV files. The process depends on which learning management systems you use.

  • If you use only MyCourses: please see instructions in the MC help wiki page Transferring results to Sisu
  • If you use A+: export the CSV file, which already includes all the column titles required by Sisu. Fill in the missing information and upload the CSV in Sisu
  • If you want to use OSR:
    • do as you have been used to when importing assessment data
    • When you are ready with the course grades, export the CSV file, which includes all the column titles required by Sisu. Fill in the missing information and upload the CSV in Sisu.
  • In Sisu, you need to upload the CSV file and verify the results. See instructions at Assessment of study attainments.