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ELEC TakeOut

TakeOut service  for borrowing equipment for your digital teaching needs.

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Pickups Pickups will be ready around noon  the next weekday and can be found in the Takeout cabinet (see directions below).  If you have a more urgent request, please, contact us directly (details on the right).

Reservations can be done anytime online





1st floor, across from computer class 1174 - Maarintie 8 (TUAS building)

See the map

Contact Information
+358 50 478 5779

Some of the things that can be borrowed from ELEC TakeOut

4K Video cameras

The camera can be used as a video recorder as well as a very good quality web cam (with the Elgato CamLink).

Microphones for hybrid teaching

We have several Jabra 710 wireless speaker-microphones, i.e., they have both the mic and speaker in one. These are perhaps the simplest way to give voice (and decent hearing) to your remote participants.

360 Cameras

The Insta X2 360 camera can be used either as a video recorder (360-degree videos, which can be used to document and share a remote lab or space) or a webcam (just connect via Bluetooth). As a webcam it serves meetings wonderfully, as it can show both sides of the room at once.

Rode Wireless Go

Rode Wireless Go Compact Wireless Microphone System ...

If you want more professional sound quality for your voice, you can have a wireless mic that can be attached, e.g., to your shirt. (Beware, you need to have the remote participants' voice covered with a speaker - we have ordered some, and these should arrive soon)

GoPro action camera


GoPro action cameras as excellent, if you need to have a video camera to document something in action, for example, driving with a fancy electronic prototype.


We have both ring-lights and LED panel lights for illuminating you, if you want to create a more professional look to your stream.

Writing tablets

WACOM BAMBOO ONE CTL471 Drawing Pen Small Tablet for ...

We have several Wacom tablets for capturing your handwriting digitally. These are excellent when you are teaching, e.g., mathematical equations on screen.

How to use

Reserve your items of choice at the Takeout website.

After placing your reservation, a personal code and locker number will be sent to your cellphone and email.

Locate your locker and enter your code in the order given.

The code has 4 digits. You need to press C first and the KEY-sign last.

Once you have gotten your items, please, leave the locker open.

After using the items, return them to any open locker. Please close and lock the locker with a code of your choosing.

Location of the ELEC TakeOut cabinet

Address: Maarintie 8, TUAS

See the map [PDF]

How to reserve items through Takeout website

Step 1: Navigate to and pick ELEC as the location from the navigation panel on the left.

Step 2. Choose the equipment that you want to borrow

Step 3: For this step you need to create/have a ' project '. So, just create one! Then continue.

  • Method 1: Choose the start and end time for your reservation from the timeline, and you are all set!
  • Method 2: Mark a start and end date to the "timeframe" widget, and choose the "reserve for selected time frame" button below the desired item

Frequent questions

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titleThe equipment I borrowed has a flaw, what should I do?

Please, contact Salu Ylirisku or +358 50 478 5779