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At this point, Sisu will also ask you to select a method of completion for the course. You need to choose the completion method that matches the teaching for which you have already registered. This is necessary to ensure that once you complete the course, it will be correctly registered in Sisu. As Sisu does not check that you have selected the correct method of completion, you need to make sure of it yourself.

Registering for a course you have completed in a past academic year and you want to raise your grade

If you have completed a course in a past academic year (e.g. 2020–2021) and you want to raise your grade by retaking the course or participating in its make-up exam in a coming academic year (e.g. 2021–2022), do this: Use the search function to find the course. Then follow the instructions above to register for it. Sisu will display an error message, saying that the course is not in your HOPS and you cannot register for it. This is because your HOPS contains a different version of the same course. When Sisu refuses to process your registration because the correct version of the course is not included in your HOPS, write to Student Services at and ask them to confirm your registration for the course (if your registration is not prevented by other factors).