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titleSome of the vocabulary used on Sisu:

Implementation of teaching = a teaching event of a course, such as the lectures, exercises and the exam that make up a course. Sisu processes make-up exams as their own category of teaching events or ‘implementations of teaching’ in Sisu-speak.

Teaching = an umbrella term that refers to courses that have upcoming teaching events for which you can register.

Method of completion = the method you use to complete a course, such as class participation or an examination.

Study calendar = a tab on Sisu. Use the study calendar to plan your studies and register for courses.

Study plan = your personal study plan, HOPS.

Basic requirements for registration = the requirements you must meet to be able to register for a course. Note: In Sisu, registration for courses, teaching groups, examinations, etc. is called ‘enrolment’.

Enrolment calculation selection criteria = the selection criteria that is used to set students in an order of priority in situations where it is necessary to select who gets to participate in a course.

Enrolments with direct confirmation = At Aalto University, students can register for the following types of courses and immediately receive confirmation that they will be admitted to the course: 1) courses with no limit on the number of students and 2) courses that continue throughout the academic term or year and for which students can register at any point of the academic term or year. Your registration for such courses is confirmed immediately as long as you meet the basic requirements.

Standard enrolment = At Aalto University, this method of registering for courses is used for 1) courses where the number of students is limited and 2) make-up exams. You will find out whether you were admitted to the course after the registration period is over. When it comes to make-up exams, everyone who needs to take the exam and fulfils the basic requirements is admitted to the exam.

Course info = the course information sheet on Sisu (this corresponds to the course description in WebOodi). The course information sheet contains information about the course and the methods you can use to complete it.

Degree structure = the structure of your degree programme. Your HOPS on Sisu is based on the degree structure.

Teaching group = for example, the lectures or exercise classes can be called teaching groups. If the students in a course are divided into several exercise groups, the groups are often numbered: e.g. H01, H02, H03 etc. (H stands for the word ‘harjoitus’ which is Finnish for ‘exercise’.)


You can edit your answers to the enrolment questions and change the teaching groups you selected while the registration period is still ongoing. To do this, click on the Update enrolment button. If you want to change your preferred teaching groups before the registration period ends, first edit your preferences next to each group and then click on Update enrolment.

If the course uses enrolment with direct confirmation and you want to change the teaching groups you selected while the registration period is still ongoing, you can do this by canceling your enrolment and registering to the course againwould like to edit your study group choices, cancel your registration for the course and re-register.

Status of your course registration in your study calendar


As soon as your course registration has been confirmed on Sisu, you will be given access to the MyCourses workspace of the course. If you have selected an examination as the method you will use to complete the course, you will be given access to the MyCourses workspace immediately upon registration if you fulfil the basic requirements for registration.

Viewing the enrolment


selection criteria

To view the student selection criteria of a course, go to the course info. On Sisu, these criteria are called enrolment calculation selection criteria. If any enrolment calculation selection criteria apply, they are listed in the course info: Open the Info tab, go to the heading Description and find a field called Additional information. This is the primary source for information on enrolment calculation selection criteria.

Some criteria may also be listed elsewhere. In the Course info, in the Completion methods tab and its section called Teaching. Go to this section and click on the teaching for which you plan to register. Then go to the Enrolment tab and find a heading called Organizing selection criteria. Some criteria may be listed under this heading. However, this section may not show all criteria that restrict the admission of students to this course. This is why you should always preferably check the enrolment calculation criteria listed in the Info tab under the heading Additional information.