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Remote-sensed exercise treadmill

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The tools for website development were NodeJS, MongoDB, HTML, CSS. The tools used for Bluetooth to GSM internet gateway were Arduino, Thingspeak, and Blynk. Arduino was used to imitate treadmill data over Bluetooth. Blynk was used for creating an android app and also served as a Bluetooth to GSM internet gateway. The treadmill data travelled through the gateway to the Thingspeak's server and from there to our website.  


The front page of the website when the user has logged in is where users can start training directly from the main page by clicking the “start training” button. The training view is described more in the next paragraph. From the main page, users can also access other pages through the main menu such as My Account, Settings, and Previous training sessions. Furthermore, they can also access customizability and start training from the menu. From the live training view page, users can view their statistics that are updated constantly so that they can keep up with the process of the training session. They can see three different paragraphs: speed, inclination, and distance. All of these parameters are shown in respect of time. Users can also view statistics of their previous exercises from the Previous training sessions page.

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