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Spot, fetch a drink

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The project essentially consists of developing a software package for Boston Dynamics Spot robot, more precisely, speech recognition and object detection service. Our software package will seamlessly integrate the built-in functions of Spot Robot with high level intelligence functionalities, which makes the robot capable of perceiving its physical environment, making decisions and executing designated tasks. The reasoning behind this project is a strong customer base that it can potentially target in industrial sectors, such as construction and mining sites, medical centers, as well as entertainment. The customer demand emerges from general applications of the Spot robot, where hands-free / remote control of the robot is preferred.  

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Generally, our solution consists of a ROS software package, that communicates with the Gazebo Simulation Environment (Implementation for real Spot robot is planned via Spot SDK). The package fundamentally consists of the navigation (ROS navigation stack), speech recognition(Python speech recognition & Google speech), object detection(Darknet Yolo v3) nodes, grasping (MoveIt ROS package) and will come together with extensive documentation.  

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Although the market for these kinds of products is quite dense, we believe that our solution will bring a strong competition to the existing companies due to these key benefits: 

  • Versatile applications
  • Easy maintenance  
  • Lower long-term costs!

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Final demo

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