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What is it?

  • A tool for peer review
  • Planned for individual and group work; peer review from student to students, from student to groups and from group to groups
  • Rubric is obligatory
  • Three phases: 1) submit an assignment, 2) peer review, 3) feedback to peer review
  • Students need to verify themselves via email send by Peergrade to each workspace (course) before they can submit
  • Anonymous is defaut, can be changed

  • Possible to use MyCourses groups (easiest way) or students can create groups in Peergrade. Students can invite or remove members and can leave from groups inside Peergrade

  • Peer review allocation can be done only randomly
  • Lot of notifications to e-mail (can be edited in class view)

  • If student leaves from the course, need to remove also from Peergrade course class.

Peergrade help center



1. Setup phase

  • Add an activity or resourse - choose external tool - peergradePeergrade (in MyCourses)
  • add a name - general - show more - lounche container - New window - save
  • open in new window - verify by email
  • create a new class and give a class title - create new class in Peergrade

 2 1.1. Add an assignment (in Peergrade)

  • give a name and description for assignment - next
  • make a rubric (see also rubric library, there are all you own and other's rubric) - next
  • add deadlines for submission and for review (or use live session) - creat assingment

21.2. Create groups (in Peergrade)

  • Possible to use MyCourses groups

    • after you have made groups and grouping in MyCourses go to Peergrade and click 'settings' tab - choose groups - allow studenst to submit as a group - choose if 'students make review individually and independently of their own group' or review as a group  Use groupsings from Moodle (MyCourses) - select which grouping you use - import groups.
  • Students can create groups in Peergrade.

    • students can invite or remove members and can leave from groups inside Peergrade

21.3. Set peer review (in Peergrade)

  • Open feedback - mark how many reviews students has to do
  • Peergrade will randomly select the review pairs and/or groups. (You can't manually select which individiually or groups  review which one)


2. Submission phase (in Peergrade)

  • students will submit ther work individually or in groups.
  • students can edit their submissons during submisson phase


3. Review phase (in Peergrade)

  • students give their comments individually or in groups using rubric
  • Peer review is text format and rubric, (no grades, no points)


4. Feedback phase (in Peergrade)

  • students give feedback for reviewers individually


5. Performance scores for students: submission %+ feedback % = combined % (in Peergrade)