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Before students can submit an assignment or review other students’ assignments, they need to verify themselves for each course via the email send by Peergrade.
Remind the students to check their spam folder too for this verification email.

Demonstration video coming soon!Peergrade Student Video Tutorials

Peergrade gives some tips for students on how to give constructive feedback.

Phases in Peergrade for students:

  1. Assignment - Description and deadlines
    On the Assignment page, you will see the description and the instruction for an assignment. On the right hand side, you will see when do you have to submit your assignment at the latest and to give feedback to your peers' assignments at the latest.
  2. Submission - Submitting an assignment
    On the Submission page, submit your assignment in the right format. You will see the format types that you can use to upload your assignment. Remember to click the button Submit to submit your assignment. You have a chance to change your submission, or to delete it, after the submission.

  3. Review - Give feedback to your peers' assignments
    On the left side on the Review page, you will see your peer's assignment that you need to give feedback on. On the right side, you will see the questions that you need to answer to. Read throught the assignment and answer the questions. Cllick the button Submit feedback to submit your feedback. After submitting, you will see either another assignment that you need to give feedback on, or you will be moved to the next phase.

  4. React - React to the feedback given to you
    The React page follows the same format as the previous Review page. On the left side, you can read feedback that you have received from your peers. Comment if you disagree with something, or if you would like to ask something, for example if you did not understand some part in the feedback. Your teacher can see and check your comments and the feedback. On the right side, you can review how useful the feedback given to you is, and add additional comments if you like to. Cllick the button Submit feedback reaction in the end.

  5. Results - Overview of feedback
    On the left side on the Results page, you can choose to see the summary of the feedback that you have given to your peers' assignments, and feedback that has been given to your assignment. You can also choose to see feedback by each submitted assignment or by reviewer.

Help and Support

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