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DIY suspension wizard - mountain bike suspension data logger

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The figures below show all parts of the device: The left one has the external sensors and the mounting hardware. The small roller wheel on the down-left corner is meant for mounting flexibility: If there is not enough space or the mounting would be difficult, the rear sensor can be mounted to the frame and the string is guided through the roller. This should be useful on four-bar linkage design bikes as the rear sensor enclosure can't be attached to the rear shock or to the main link, so the sensor can be attached to the downtube and the roller to the lower shock mount. On the right there is the main unit and three different mounting solutions, which are Fidlock magnetic water bottle mount, 50 mm diameter round cable tie mounts and cable tie mounts for triangle-shaped frame tubes.


 Midway status of the project (15.03.2021)

As the previous section describes the mechanical and electronic parts of the project are now completed. There might still be some 3D modelling done to make the mounting hardware less cable tie consuming. The programming is in a phase were everything that belongs to stages one and two has been implemented, but the automatic recording from gpx-file is still in testing phase as required GPS accuracy needs some adjusting. The data review through BLE connection is still under work as there needs to be some data gathered before the reasonable indicator values of the data, that Nano can still compute in reasonable time, need to be determined. Initially plan was to calculate average used travel, filter maximum values and calculate the fastest compression and rebound speeds through numerical differentiation. The current sample rate with multi-threading using equal priority threads is 4 Hz which is far too low. So GPS thread priority decreasing needs to be tested. A glimpse of the the first successful recording session is shown in the below figures.