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Currently, CS teachers use for counting the course grades

  • OSR
    • created and maintained at CS-IT, developed in last century and has not been actively developed for ages
    • is waiting for a new solution, after which data can be migrated (possibly also anonymized for research needs) and OSR can be run down
    • we have the Summer project 2023 Aalto Grades for preparing a possible solution
  • Excel (even shared templates)
  • Own / shared Python scripts specific for the course needs


  • The teacher adds all the information directly to Sisu
  • The teacher imports a file (e.g. csv)An API is useda Sisu-compliant CSV)
  • in the future, an API would be appreciated, to import grades from a) Salesforce (see below) (or b) course systems directly - it seems these will not be implemented)"a partial grades management system", but there are no decisions available yet

Some pictures on the process (powerpoint, OneDrive link)

When considering


"a partial grades management system", issues to take into account when

1. Collecting all the data from multiple locations (also from paper)

  • Methods for the course assessment data import: API (from course systems like A+, MC), file import, manual (e.g. paper exam points/grades)
  • Data coming via Sisu API, cannot be changed in SF"the grades system": Teacher permissions, Course grading scale, credits (min, max), language (alternatives) (NOTE: Compared with EXAM-OODI interfaces!)
  • Publishing the information to students and teachers – to be used as check points in following student progress in their studies, and as reminders to finish unfinished courses
  • Using parts from old course implementations (not TOO old – “opiskelijoiden laittaminen ruotuun” – “joku raja” – Aalto / CS department instructions on the limits should be available “somewhere”)
    • Deadlines, after which the old course parts are automatically “deactivated” – also students could should see these deadlines

2. Processing the information - what counting the grades may include (what should be included in the MVP?!)


3. Submitting the end-result= Sending the results (course grades) for registering in Sisu

Some examples of how study attainments affect the course final grade


  • Finding out what current tools and methods there are → done
  • Defining the core functionalities and added values needed → done
  • Data collecting (should done → could be repeated)
    • Questionnaire for teachers → done
    • possible interviews → one, could be more
    Creating a SF demo (Petri Vuorimaa, ca Oct/Nov)
  • A Master’s thesis topic on the analytics needs → not possible as a Master's thesis, but a Master's thesis more widely on the topic to be finished
  • Aiming for a joint solution for the university – Salesforce as solution → under construction, is delayed, and may not serve the needs!prestudy concluded in 2023, not to be proceeded
  • Increasing knowledge & skills at CS dept – Salesforce team → not proceeded; Aalto has recruited Salesforce developers, but they are not enoughOWN DEVELOPMENT, IF NEEDED?, and own development → Grades software project and summer project 2023