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Ask-it basket on studies, scholarship and academic life during pandemic. You can pose any question that you would like to discuss after the session into here

Below you can see the list of questions or comments which have been posed by our participants.

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  1. There has been a lot of pessimism about the academic job market (especially in the US and UK). Beyond the forecasts, what changes in the academic job market have you seen personally? What recommendation can you give an academic entering the job market in the next few years? Thank you.
  2. Some editorial practices of journals and conferences seem really weird and outdated. I can understand that a conference sets a limit to the papers’ body text length, but sometimes this limit also includes references and appendixes. Why is this? What purpose does this serve? This forces the author(s) to tell less about their research to accommodate references etc. For what I understand, the majority of journals are distributed online and have no physical copy.
  3. Online MBA programs getting more popular in these days. With the pandemic, the traditional MBA programs have to move to online teaching. Do you see any reduction in the amount of the faculty members required for a business school as most of the teaching goes online?
  4. ICIS and HICSS conferences have close deadline for submission. Hence, it is possible to submit to only one of them. If one of the conferences schedule is changed, then it is possible to the submit to the first conference and from on the feedback received for it, we can have an opportunity to make the required changes to submit to the second one.
  5. With the increasing trend of online courses from platforms like Udemy, what kind of new teaching methods should be implemented specifically in the IS courses to make the in-class teaching experience more valuable for the students than the online courses. Let us not include the student presentations, group discussions, and case-studies, which are already used currently.