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C. Actions required

  1. (If you are going to use several displays, connect all other displays before connecting and powering on Wacom One.)
  2. Connect X-cable power plug to power socket (virtajohto seinään)
  3. Connect X-cable USB plug to laptop USB port (USB-A, that is, “classic” USB cable)
  4. Connect X-cable HDMI plug to laptop HDMI output
  5. Connect the fourth X-cable plug to top left corner of the Wacom One (the cable has 90 degree angle in the end and a flat plug that looks like USB-C)
  6. Power on Wacom One from top right corner → Windows will detect the device
  7. Download and install drivers from (scroll down to “Just looking for drivers? Here is our latest:” and Download)
  8. Restart the computer
  9. A short Wacom setup tutorial opens when the computer restarts. The pen should now work when you touch Wacom One with it. There is no need to register the device.