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On Aalto research workstations, administrator rights can be obtained in five minutes by following these instructions (login to required):



Here is a one-minute introduction to the device. For further guidelines and videosmore detailed instructions, please see the Best practices section below and the How to use your Wacom One guide provided by Wacom.

  • Wacom One mirrors (or extends) your computer is a secondary display that extends or mirrors your primary display.
  • You can use the pen like a mouse (: tapping with pen corresponds to left-click and the pen button corresponds to right-click, when the pen is near the display).
  • Try for example drawing on Powerpoint slides (start a presentation and just draw on the Wacom One display).
  • In a Zoom session, you can share your Powerpoint slides and start drawing on them (see below for more details).
  • In a Zoom session, you can share a Zoom whiteboard and draw on it.


If you want to test an alternative for the standard Zoom whiteboard, Windows includes Windows Ink Workspace which you can install and use from the bottom right corner:

Compared to the standard Zoom whiteboard, the Windows Ink Workspace allows better management of your whiteboard drawings, if you for example want to save them for later use.

Digital Inking in Office applications

Draw It is possible to draw and write with ink also in other Office applications besides Powerpoint. Please see


In your Zoom session, open the audio menu from the bottom left corner (microphone icon). Check that a correct device is selected both for Microphone and Speaker. If Wacom One is offered in the menu, you may want to disable it permanently (see Option 1 above).

Tips and tricks

Extra nibs for the Wacom One pen

Every Wacom One includes few extra nibs for the pen. If your pen does not "draw" properly anymore, please try changing the nib. The extra nibs are included under the "leg" of the display.

Calibration of the Wacom One pen

If your pen seems to be bit off while you are writing with it, you can try calibration of your Wacom One.