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Virtual Nordic ISS Seminar Consortium is an informal group of schools that has been engaged in virtual seminars since Fall 2020. You can see the list of participating schools here.

In Fall 2020, we had presentations by researchers in each of the participating school. Check the Fall 2020 seminars

In Spring 2021,  the speakers were esteemed IS scholars who have their origins in one of the Nordic countries, but who are currently working elsewhere in the world. Check the Spring 2021 seminars

In Fall 2021, starting September 3rd, there will be one talk on every other Friday (followed by Q&A and discussion) we had a series of presentations with a theme of "Impactful publications and how to get there?". The idea is was to present examples of impactful publications by authors now in the faculty in one of the participating Universities. These papers have either been out a while (some 10 years or more) and can be said to be impactful in one way or another (e.g. citations but by other “measures” also), or are more recent top publications (Basket of 8, FT50, ABS4,…) that can be expected to become impactful.  With both types of papers, the presenter will talk about the paper and the study, but also to tell the story of the project and publication process, as well as discuss why and how it is or is expected to become "impactful".The seminars are held on selected Fridays (see the schedule below) at 14:00-15:15 (DK, NO, SE) / 15:00-16:15 (FI) on Zoom: the Fall 2021 seminars 

Please disseminate information about the virtual seminars to your colleagues and doctoral students.


Maung Sein (University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) & Kristiania University College, Norway):

Sein, M., Henfridsson, O., Purao, S., Rossi, M., & Lindgren, R. (2011). Action Design ResearchMIS Quarterly, 35(1), 37-56. doi:10.2307/23043488

Information about upcoming seminars will be show here. Meanwhile, you can check our past seminars from the following links:


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Upcoming seminars

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titleSeptember 17, 2021 - Olgerta Tona: The CARE Theory of Dignity

Olgerta Tona (University of Gothenburg, Sweden): 

Leidner, D. E. & Tona, O. (2021). The CARE Theory of Dignity Amid Personal Data Digitalization. MIS Quarterly 45(1), 343-370. DOI: 10.25300/MISQ/2021/15941  

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October 1, 2021 - Jonas Hedman: The business model concept

Jonas Hedman (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark):

Hedman, J.; and Kalling, T. (2003). The business model concept: theoretical underpinnings and empirical illustrations. European Journal of Information Systems (2003) 12, 49–59

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titleOctober 15, 2021 - Tor Rolfsen Grønsund: Augmenting the algorithm

 Grønsund, T., & Aanestad, M. (2020). Augmenting the algorithm: Emerging human-in-the-loop work configurations. The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 29(2), 101614.

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Past seminars

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titleSeptember 3, 2021 - Maung Sein: Action Design Research

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For more information contact

Virpi Kristiina Tuunainen (

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To get notified about upcoming seminars, send an email to Hadi Ghanbari (

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If you have any question about studies, scholarship and academic life during pandemic ask-it here


Any personal information provided by the participants is only used for the duration of the seminar series. The information won’t be used for any other purposes and it will be permanently deleted at the end of seminar series. Read more.