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Teachers' needs were collected in April-May 2020 with a process like this

  • teachers responded to a questionnaire and participated in one of two online meetings. Additionally, teachers have been able to write Github issues, though the opportunity has not been widely marketed

Discussions in the Tuesday meeting


  • yet, and the Github issues have not been included in this first round of prioritizing.
  • The EDIT team read through all the ideas, commented on them and estimated their workloads and the knowledge required for the implementation
  • Teachers were able to rank the ideas sorted in two lists (from 1 to 5, max 5 votes per list):
    • 1) quite easy and quite minor tasks, possible to give e.g. for summer interns
    • 2) large (months) tasks and tasks requiring expert knowledge
  • Some results of the ranking:
    • 9 teachers participated in ranking the ideas
    • All ideas received at least 1 ranked vote
    • Most voted ideas received rankings from 5/9 teachers (list 1) and even 6/9 teachers (list 2)
    • In list 1, numbers of rankings per idea were distributed quite evenly: over half of the ideas received 4-5 votes. Top ideas in list 2 were more clearly separated.
  • Based on the results, the EDIT team makes a suggestion for the summer (to be updated after our weekly meeting)

Perceived pros and cons of A+ on general level

  • Perceived benefits from A+: it is flexible, customizable, easier (than MC) to maintain material, more potential than TIM
  • Perceived defects in A+: It requires knowledge on RST and Github and every typo requires one minute of work, which is too much
  • Discussed ideas
    • need for a scalable platform (the Tampere situation; currently material in Weto and A+ - all material would be needed in the future)
    • streamlining the material production process and faster compiler → these were commented on also in the survey
    • personalization (multiple perspectives; some commented also in the survey)
      • tracking the history of individual students
      • personal learning paths
      • conditional activities (assignments, exams) i.e. the second activity in the flow would appear only after the first one is completed
      • personal activities (for example exam questions are shown only to students who have enrolled to the exam)
      • randomization of questions within an assignment round


Teachers' ideas and their implementation evaluation

Suggested categories for

  • required knowledge: beginner, easy, moderate, expert (referring to who we can estimate to have the required skills; in practice, can we give it to summer interns)
  • workload estimate: days, weeks, months