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Comment: Update A+ info about randomized exercises


  • You can use A+ also in your exam - or, you can choose to use MyCourses
    • Note, specifically, that A+ does not include randomization of questions, and no exam periods, but MyCourses provides these alternatives (see below)A+ supports randomized questionnaires: questions can be selected randomly from a question pool and it is also possible to select answer alternatives randomly from a pool inside a single question. The a-plus-rst-tools README has information about the options.
    • Automatic A+ exercise graders support randomly generated instances that can be used to vary some parts of the exercise. More info in aplus-manual.
    • If you need randomized exercises, particularly quizzes, MyCourses may be more suitable for some usecases. They are described below in the MyCourses section.
    • A+ does not support exam periods, however, MyCourses does.
    • If you want to use automatically assessed assignments → we can assist you in creating the exam assignment; contact us at
  • If you choose to use A+,
    • create a new assignment (using an existing one would encourage students to copy their previous responses)
    • choose at most one assignment per exam hour - for example, three assignments for a three-hour exam
    • create a new module (exercise round) in the A+ course and add exam exercises into that module. Set the module opening and closing times for the exam. Students can not open the exercises before the opening time and they can not submit after the closing time.
    • use Late submissions (NO late penalty, NO unofficial submissions allowed!), AND use a strict deadline ca 5 mins after the normal module closing time - this gives the students an opportunity to submit a bit late but not much; e.g. in cases where students forget to observe the clock, or if their clock is in different time from the A+ server clock.
      • Note that unofficial submissions are disabled by default if you haven't changed it. The setting is part of the exercise category.