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Riva: the Italian dream

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The rudders are controlled by Micro-Servo and it is attached to the frame. The rudder is a printed 3D model.

Axels are spokes from the a bicycle surface wheel and it is those are connected to the servo by thin wire. 


Propellers are printed PLA and axials are thin metal tubes. The other side of the axels is our switch that is made from the rudder. A DC motor rotates propeller and it is connected to the rudder. DC motor is connected to the frame by a piece of aluminum and two screws. Therefore we manage to put DC motor in a right angle with axelspropeller shafts are spokes from bicycle wheels. We decided to use heat-shrinking tube as a clutch between motor shaft and propeller shaft.

Two small DC motors rotates propellers and as mentioned steering is carried out with two rudders. Motor stand is made from thin aluminium and the DC motors are connected with two screws. The motor stand is able to rotate a bit and therefore we manage line up motor and propeller shafts.

Pictures of rudder-propeller assembly.