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A+ training / workshop for summer interns 2020!

How to use A+, how to create a course, where do I find instructions, and all the questions I have on A+: Workshop on (joint with possible other summer interns working with A+)
  • How to use A+, how to create a course, where do I find instructions, and the questions I have on A+


Send an email to → we can also support you via an short online meeting at needsmeetings!


  • If you need a laptop, screen, mouse, keyboard, something else (you can of course use your own computer, as well!)
    • You should have received an email message from HR sent on 20th May - please follow the instructions in the message!
    • Pick up the equipment from CS IT according to the instructions and fill the Doodle beforehand (and if none of the times work for you, contact
    • To enter the campus buildings, needs to be informed at the latest on the previous working day by 16.00
  • what your laptop should include:
    • Ubuntu Linux
    • CS IT should have installed Docker and added the user to the docker group. In addition, read the "installing Docker Compose" section below on this page.
    • The preinstalled editors are Eclipse and Vim. You can can install other editors with instructions behind the next link to scicomp (section "Ubuntu packages").
    • More instructions for using Aalto Linux and how to install software:
    • Aalto VPN
    • Zoom and Teams for online meetings
  • If you are not using the laptop provided by us, then macOS is easy alternative. With Windows, a Linux virtual machines is the best choice.