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Comment: Comments on picking up device


  • to be picked up from CS IT, and agreed on in advance ( and
    • Is there a deadline on when guru should be informed?There are instructions for picking a slot of time to pick up the device from IT in an email sent on 20.5., should the link  to the Doodle be here? Do those same instructions apply? Does need to be informed as well? If yes:
    • needs to be informed at the latest the previous weekday by 16:00
  • what the laptop should include:
    • Linux
    • CS IT should install Docker and add the user to the docker group. Just remember that user group changes become active only after logging out and in again in the laptop. CS IT could install docker-compose too, but it must be installed manually by downloading the binary since Ubuntu package repositories have too outdated versions of it. Instructions below.
    • an editor: eclipse by default; if you need some other (e.g. atom), it would be good to inform about it