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2021 spring: A+ and JH development for short-term critical needs, setting A+ long-time goals2021 autumn: A+ and JH development for short-term and long-term goals2022: follow-up analysis on situation; iteration of data collecting, goals and actions2023; reaching goals2024; setting new goals
Online learning environments: A+ and JupyterHub
  • A+ and JupyterHub in production
  • A+ development based on Aplus roadmap
  • A+ LTI development (to replace Astra in MyCourses/Moodle)
  • A+ future direction decisions (architect): project plan and setting goals, also with Helsinki
  • Preparations for Sisu:
    • A+ API development
  • collaboration starts with Helsinki and continues with Tampere
  • A+ future: development based on decisions with Helsinki and Tampere
  • JupyterHub: implementation of grading interface to A+


  • joint CS-LMS development with other universities based on in-house needs
  • JupyterHub (or other server resources) as a general service for as well teaching as research needs (maintainance and support model still open)


  • Joint LMS for CS needs with other Finnish universities
  • development model with is in harmony with national level decisions and needs
  • local resources for development, maintenance and support based on needs, in collaboration with CS department, Aalto-IT and LES
  • scalable solutions to support massive courses
Summative assessment / exams
  • Development of A+ exams in Exam studios, based on needs
  • online and Exam studio exams based on remote teaching needs
  • pilots based on teacher needs
  • support for teachers
  • electronic exams: focus on alternatives available in any circumstances
  • (original plan pre-corona: no retakes on paper)
  • simple process and support for teachers using electronic exams

  • no paper exams except for special needs
  • assessment focus less on summative assessment methods and more on formative methods during the course
  • electronic examining methods available for supporting assessment of skills included in course intended learning objectives
Course chats
  • pilot 2 : Zulip (not production yet) and : Zulip for all SCI departments, incl collecting feedback and UI development needs
  • finding additional solutions based on needs
  • Start rundown of Non-GDPR-compliant external tools
  • one chat solution goal: Zulip in production at Aalto level (in collaboration with CS IT & ITS,LES)
  • additional pilots based on needs and available solutions
  • goal: GDPR-compliancy in course chats

Preventing plagiarism
  • piloting available solutions developed tools (Watermarks?) on additional coursesdeveloping available solutions
  • further development (JupyterHub A+ integration for autograding would support preventing plagiarism as well)
  • student and teacher training / & sharing best practices
  • sharing best practices, taking pilots to wider use

  • possible additional systems adoption plan, including teacher encouragement, pilots and training
  • e.g. Peergrade at Aalto level spring 2021