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Add a Turnitin assignment with the following settings:  

  • Name

  • Description

    • guide and inform students with the following advice:

      • A representative of each group submits their group work (all versions). 

      • It is good to submit a draft version in order to get a Turnitin similarity report about it approximately a day before the due date of the final version at the latest. A group can exploit A representative can view and share a similarity report and correct to the rest of a group. The group interprets the report and corrects possible wrong similarities in the draft before submitting the final version.

      • Submissions are copied into Turnitin student papers repository, so that they are protected against plagiarism by others in future.

  • Number of parts = 2

  • Grade: Maximum grade = 5 (if a scale of a group assignment is 0-5) 

  • Assignment Part 1: Name = Draft version, Due Date (=before or at the same time as the final version) , Assessment available (=the same time as the Start date), Maximum mark = 0 (if the draft is not graded)

  • Assignment Part 2Name = Final version, Due Date, Assessment available, Maximum mark = 5  (if the scale of the group assignment is 0-5) 

  • Originality Report Options: Store Student Papers = Standard Repository 

  • Common module settings: Group mode = Separate groups (precondition: groups exist in the workspace)