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Description: The teacher wants to change the grading of an activty depending of on a certain scale.


1. Open ‘Grades’, the and then go to ‘Gradebook setup’.

2. Below, on the right, click 'Add category' and give it a name (for example, 'Calculation for quiz'). Choose 'Simple weighted mean of grades', which should be set by default.

3. Now a section will appear in the 'Gradebook setup' that reads "Quiz rating", and below it 'quiz total'. Move the activity here by clicking the gray icon on the left side of the activity. After , after which a window with arrows and a dashed cubes opens up.

4. Click the dotted rectangle below the 'Quiz score' section. Then go to 'Edit' next to 'Grade calculation for quiz total', and from there, choose 'Edit calculation'.

5. Now you should rename your activity with a name you can quickly link to the activity/activities that you need making the calculation. Use short names such as 'Quiz' or 'quiz1' etc.

6. You can now enter your calculation on in the calculation box and press 'Save changes'. Now the The grades should now change to equal the new counting rule. Check your result in 'Grader report'. (kuvalinkki tähän)


Activity/Activities: All graded activities

Description 1: We take Take as an example a Quiz activity where the scoring of the quiz is from zero to ten (0-10). The teacher wants to scale activities in such way so that the grading of the quiz is “0” if the result of the quiz is smaller to less than “5”. If the score is from between “5” to and “10” the score equals the grading.

Solution 1: Use calculation: the formula =if([[quiz]] <5, 0, [[quiz]])


Description 2: The teacher wants to scale all scores between 0 to and 4 to 1 (pass) and all scores from between 5 to 10 to 0 (fail).

Solution 2: Use calculation: the formula =if([[quiz]] >= 5, 0, 1, 0)

Description 3: The teacher wants to scale scores from 0 to 10, to grades from 0 to 5 (1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, ... 5) rounding it to one decimal place.

Solution 3: Use calculation: the formula =round(([[quiz]]*0.5), 1)  |  For rounding To round the result to an integer (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), use calculation: the formula =round(([[quiz]]*0.5), 0)