Aalto ARTS Eloseminaari 2019

Eloseminaari 2019 topics and themes

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Discussion topicsSpecification of topic in a sentence or two
Relationships with technology

How do we make our research more accessible
Online degrees? Online learning?
The role of drawing in ARTS
Marketing for prospective students
How to build student community
Alternatives to acceleration
What can we learn from history and how to translate this knowledge for creativity and sustainability in the present
Sharing your workday with workday
How academic meets admin? How admin meets academic?
Working culture
Challenges of information sharing among ARTS employees
Väre premises after the move - how to make the best out of it?
Staff and student wellbeing (giving&getting support, coaching, collaboration, motivation vs potential)
Tradition vs revolutionWhat is the role of traditional models when innovation is stressed across the board? What is, and can be, the role of tradition and craft as generators of 'the new'?
Suggestions for cross-disciplinary projects
Artistic research
How can we best leverage the potential of Aalto
"Safer spaces" self-censorship
Education export (educating in globalized world). What can we do? What we shouldn't do?
Integrating with international students (and faculty)
Self-management, self-discipline, self-punishment
Our dream partners
Bringing together the "artificial" with the "natural"
Structured vs chaos
Cross-sectoral/cross-functional collaboration
Societal role (+responsibility) of the school/uni (and "what/whose society)
Landscape as a reflection of how the world & societies flow evolve
Creative entrepreneurship
Student experience
Diversity of students & staff
New Aalto Studios facility/service for you
Cross-disciplinary pedagogic training
Future of learning services
LES resource vs one face
Summer programs
Empathy & slowing down
Multidisciplinary BA minors in between schools

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