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SPECIAL ISSUE InSEA Congress 2018: Scientific and Social Interventions in Art Education


I-X Introductions to Scientific and Social Interventions in Art Education / Mira Kallio-Tavin & Oleksandra Sushchenko

I Artistic and scientific collaborations

Peer-reviewed articles

1-22 The Unfamiliar Grey Matter(s): Talking Brains / Andrew Ash

Non-peer reviewed articles

23-28 „Wherever I go, I see. . . “ / Barbora Přehnilová

29-35 Why Architecture and the Built Environment Matters in Art Education / Eszter Tóth & Gabriella Pataky

36-44 Bridging Arts Education: Possibilities through Images as Visual Narratives of a Research / Flavia Pedrosa Vasconcelos & Danilson Vasconcelos

45-64 When Art, Science and Technology Interact / Petra Šobáňová & Jana Jiroutová

65-71 SCOLA TELCZ – Example of Interdisciplinary Workshop / Jitka Burdová & Olga Búciová

72-80 Artistic Research and Art Education: Singularity of Entanglement / Joachim Kettel

81-90 Language Elements and Subject Integration / Helena Kafková

91-95 Cooperation between Museums and Galleries for Achieve a Complex Teaching about Architecture / Olga Búciová

96-105 I nteractive Art Research Project, Based on International Dialogue between Japanese and Hungarian Teacher Trainers, Applying the Tools of Visual Language and Contemporary Plastic Arts: The 3612 Bamboo Tandem and Lessons in Hungary / Gabriella Pataky & Maho Sato

106-109 Home of Heart – Documentary Film Making as an Artistic Interpretation to Population Studies / Riikka Notkola & Veijo Notkola

110-121 Art Education as a Significant Supporting Element of Object-Based Teaching / Silvie Novotná & Monika Dokoupilová

122-140 Moholy-Nagy Visual Modules - Research on Art Didactics Design Education in Secondary Schools, Let’s Space Design!, 3 rd Case Study – Space / Valéria Póczos

141-159 ‘Art & Spirit’: Creativity and Reflexivity Practices in Teacher Education / Bronwen J. Wade-Leeuwen & Kath J. McLachlan


160 Empathy Based Method and Its’ Modification. A hands-on Practice on Environmental Utopia and Dystopia / Anniina Koivurova

161 VCU Art of Nursing: Tensions between Ambiguity and C ertainty / Sara Wilson McKay

162 Bridging Arts Education: Possibilities through I nternationalization / Flavia Pedrosa Vasconcelos & Danilson Vasconcelos

163-164 Artistic Education and Practices of Scientific Writing in a Cooperative Context: Space of Discussion, Sharing, Analysis and Collaborative Work / Absalão António Narduela

165-166 Circumpolar Collaboration in Art Education and Research / Timo Sakari Jokela & Glen Coutts

167-168 Finding Words for the Elusive. Analysis and Discussion of Assessment Criteria for Arts-based Assignments / Margareta Melin, Ewa Berg, Kajsa Lindskog, Helena Malm, Gunnel Pettersson & Bjørn Wangen

169-170 Implementing Art, Science and Technology in Education / Michiel Koelink

171-172 Struve Geodetic Arc as Multidisciplinary learning module in Teacher Education with Class Teacher and Subject Teacher Students - Challenges and Possibilities / Marjo Autio-Hiltunen

173-174 The Bigger Picture. Travelling Concepts of/in Art Education / Marc Fritzsche

175-176 A Study on Practice and Analysis of Education for “Socially Engaged Art” / Takao Yuki

177-178 Other Matters Always Matter: A Critical Reading of Humanitarian and Socially Engaged Art Education Practices / Stephen B. Carpenter

179-180 From the Aesthetics of Interdisciplinarity to Transdisciplinary STEAM Learning / Kristof Fenyvesi, Tuuli Lähdesmäki, Hannu Salmi & Helena Thuneberg

181 Invitation to Discuss: Artistic and Scientific Approaches to Being in the World / Heidi Fast, Riitta Hari, Kirsi Heimonen, Mira Kallio-Tavin & Tiina Pusa

182-183 Cooperation between Museums and Galleries for Achieve the Complex Teaching about Architecture / Olga Búciová & Jitka Burdova

184 Numbers not Images? / Peter Gregory

185-186 SCOLA TELCZ – Example of Interdisciplinary Workshop / Jitka Burdová & Olga Búciová

187-188 Winning Pictures! / Elin Maria Laby

189 -190 Being and the Forest: Students’ Transformation into Trees. A Phenomenological Study on Art-based Environmental Education Focused on Preventing Plant Blindness / Eva Margaretha Häggström

191-192 Interventions with the ENViL CEFR_VL, as a Tool for Art Education in Early Childhood Education and its Teacher Training Programs / Gabriella Pataky & Jaquelin Guiyoule

193 Stories from Places: Dialogical Approach / Asthildur Jonsdottir & Maria Huhmarniemi

194 Involved in My Work - Variation in Assignment / Tim Proetel

195-196 CREATIVE SPACES: Envision, Design and Discuss Learning and Living Spaces for 21st Century Schools / Marion Starzacher & Andrea Karpati

197-198 Promoting Creative Engagement with Ecological Issues through Art / Kyong-Mi Paek

199-200 The Endemic Plants in My Environment: An Eco Art Project / Handan Bulbul & Banu Cicek Seyhan

201 Talking Brains / Andrew Ash

202-203 Illustrating the Sound of Colours / Martha Ioannidou

204 Moholy-Nagy Visual Modules - Research on Art Didactics - 3. Case Study - Spatial Design / Zsuzsanna Meszaros

205 Decisions / Gregor Markelj

206-207 Science, Technology, Art & Art Education / Petra Šobáňová & Jana Jiroutová

208-209 Making Microbes, Building Bodies / Mikki Trail

210 Art and Ethics / Carl-Peter Buschkühle

211-212 In Rhythm, in Colour and through Spiritual Lenses: Approaching Ecological Matters by Studying 12th Century Frescoes / Elena Hadjipieri

213-214 Alfanerds – Art-Science Collaboration in Education / Emiel Heijnen, Melissa Bremmer & Hanna Salonen

215-216 World Perception and Photorealism Intervention in Art of 19th and Art Education of 21st century in Latvia / Dace Paeglite & Dina Baumane

217-218 A Cyborg: Between a Human and a Posthuman? / Monika Michałowska & Bartosz Pokorski

219-220 Black Performance and Survival of Life / Mehdi Damaliamiri & Firouzeh Akbari

221-222 The differences between pre-service fine art and primary school teachers knowledge about materials of fine art paintings / Robert Potočnik & Iztok Devetak

223-224 Benefiting from the Works of Art on Problem Posing / Neşe Tertemiz, Selma Aslantaş & İlknur Çarkçı

225 Sustainability and Art Education: Connecting Art Education and Environmental Education Through Pre-Modern Art Processes / Ivan Daniel Asin

226-227 Politics of Learning in Collective Art Activist Practices in the Public Sphere / Dipti Desai

228 Artistic Research and Art Education / Joachim Fritz Willi Kettel

229 Artistic Research and Art Education (Visual short presentation) / Joachim Fritz Willi Kettel

230-231 Child Service Colored by "Emergency Art Team", Child Patients are healing with art / Emine Teker & Dursun Çadırcı

232-233 Home of Heart – Artistic Interpretation to Population Studies / Riikka Notkola, Riikka Shemeikka, Antti Erkkilä, Veijo Notkola & Harri Siiskonen

234-235 Reciprocity | Relationality: Artful Connections between Child and Adult Artists / Marnee Ellen Watkins, Kathryn Coleman & Gina Grant

236 Art Education as a Significant Supporting Element of Object-based Teaching / Silvie Novotná & Monika Dokoupilová

237-238 ‘Art & Spirit’: Creativity and Reflexivity Practices in Teacher Education / Bronwen J. Wade-Leeuwen & Kath J. McLachlan

239-240 BREAKING OUT THE SILOS! Interdisciplinary Approach to Sustainable Society / Riikka Irina Mäkikoskela & Nani Johanna Pajunen

241-242 Moholy-Nagy Visual Modules - Research on Art Didactics Design Education is Secondary Schools, Let’s space design! / Valéria Póczos

243-244 Breaking the Wall for Critical Requests on Digital Evolution 4.0 / Ruth Gabriele Mateus-Berr , Julia Soto Delgado , Anna Lerchbaumer , Uli Kühn , Fares Kayali & Oliver Hödl

245-246 From Visible to Invisible – Teacher Students Beliefs and Intentions Combining Art and Science / Antti Sakari Lokka

247-248 Hybrid Ecologies – The Transdisciplinary Work of the Bioartsociety Finland / Erich Berger

249-250 ”The Poetic Self is Not a Fiction”: Transformative Potentials of Collective Learning in Art Education / Helene Illeris

251-252 Drawing up Theory: The Use of Drawing Exercise to Create Critical Thinking and Awareness / Margareta Melin

253-254 Open Heart/Focused Mind: Neuroscience in Action (Mindfulness in a High-School Art Curriculum ) / Susan Ethel Jones

255-256 Scientific Research Methods. Practical Experience: How Scientific Approaches Change Methods in Art Pedagogy / Arta Dzirkale & Ilona Solanika

II Contemporary artistic and art educational approaches to diversity and cultural changes

Peer-reviewed articles

257-277 Gendered Interventions: Changes in Visual Art Education in Sweden: Discourses, Practices and Materiality / Annika Hellman & Ulla Lind

278-294 Rancièrean Aesthetic Education as an Intervention / Jaakko Jekunen

295-308 Looking for the Existential Dimension of Art in Education / Janeke Wienk

309-327 Improvising the Vague Outdoor Event in Art and Technology Education & Research / Lena Berglin & Kajsa G. Eriksson

328-343 Marriage of an Aboriginal 2018 / Kim Snepvangers

344-359 A Cosmopolitan Imagination: Reimagining National Identity through Art / Natalie LeBlanc & Rita L. Irwin

360-380 The Aesthetic of Cognitive Mapping: An Approach to Arts-Based Research and Critical Artmaking / Noura Shuqair

381-398 Aesthetic Reconfigurations of the Common Relational Aesthetics as a Learning Process / Olaia Miranda Berasategi

399-430 Artist-Teachers Emotions: Fear of School / Ruth Gabriele Mateus-Berr , Simona Bergmann & Violeta Hinojosa

431-449 Between the Worlds - New Didactic Concepts for Art Education - 2018 / Wolfgang Schreibelmayr

450-470 Art Interventions as Community Art The dilemma of continuity in the case of the Enontekiö Art Path / Elina Härkönen

471-480 Multiculturality as a Point of Union / Estrella Luna Muñoz & Isabel Cristina Trindade

481-505 Study on Application of the International Baccalaureate in Art Education in Japan / Kenji Koike

Non-peer reviewed articles

506-516 The art of deconstructing fabric to create transparent maze project (KEYNOTE PAPER) / Samia Elsheikh

517-528 What is ‘Common European’ about the Common European Framework of Reference for Visual Competency? (KEYNOTE PAPER) / Diederik Schönau, Andrea Kárpáti

529-547 Pondering about My/Our Serious Drinking Problem / Seija Ulkuniemi

548-565 In the Saharawi Refugee Camps – Graphic Story Telling as a Reciprocal Education-Activating Method / Rolf Laven

566-574 The Process of Artwork Interpretation / Kristýna Říhová

575-585 Is Peace out of Fashion? – Societal Challenges in Art Education / Raquel Pelayo & Teresa Fonseca

586-596 Ephemeral Encounters: Metaphors for an Archipelagic Pedagogy / Raphael Vella

597-604 Silent Walk — An Eco-Critical Artistic Approach / Raisa Foster

605-618 Research Study “The Memory of Place,” Realized in Lisbon on the Basis of the A/r/t/ography Concept / Pavla Gajdošíková

619-636 Achieving Teacher-Free Child-Led Design and Additive Manufacturing Using the Sense / Rafat Madani

637-652 Assignments / Ernst Wagner

653-663 Exploring the Role of Hope and Resilience in the Learning Self: A/R/T/ography as Living Inquiry in Kosovo / Ann Holt

664-673 Built Environment Education as Intervention: Making Visual Education More Transdisciplinary / Gabriella Pataky & Judit Skaliczki

674-694 Failing to Deliver: Education and Its Art in the Current Post-truth Situation Lecture performance / Nadine M. Kalin & Daniel T. Barney

695-698 Creativity and Problem Solving Skills Development through Spatial Workshops / Dora Szentandrasi

699-709 Highlighting Cultural Roots or Rather Routes: Art educational approaches to diversity and migration at an international workshop meeting with Austrian, German and Swiss contributions / Martin Klinkner & Verena Widmeier

710-719 Necessity of Traditional Culture for Art Education YUME-KASAFUKU Project 2018 Workshop with 477 children / Masao Sato

720-739 Integrating Contemporary Art in the PYP IB Curriculum to Open Dialogues About Cultural Diversity in Norway / Leticia Balzi & Cherise Storlie Kristoffersen

740-759 Adolescent Visualities and Identities Reflections upon a Research Project / Gonzalo Vicci Gianotti

760-778 Contemporary Art: Learning Methods and Tools for Distance Learning / Ilze Kadike

779-793 Designing with the Participation of the Community – an On-Going Project of Redesigning a School Yard in Serbia / Vera Večanski & Biljana Brankovic

794-804 Visual Literacy Through Topic of Gender / Zuzana Svatošová

805-831 What Kind of Sociality Do Pre-service Teachers Discover Through Photograph Taking and Dialogue? / Koichi Kasahara


832-833 The Multiculturality as a Point of Union – Crearte Project / Isabel Moreno Trindade & Estrella Luna Munoz

834-835 In the Saharawi Refugee Camps – Children’s Drawing as a Reciprocal Education-Activating Method / Rolf Laven

836 REFUGEES / Dina Baumane

837-838 The Art of Cognitive Mapping / Tyson Lewis & Noura Shuqair

839-840 Art Gallery Education / Hans Bernhard Örtegren

841-842 Stiches and Lines – Drawing with Thread / Ulla Kiviniemi

843-844 Socially Engaged Art and Cross-Curricular Links in Teaching Art Education / Metoda Kemperl

845-846 How Can Researchers and Teachers Intervene with Cyber Youth in Art and Literacy Education? / Moniques Richard , Nathalie Lacelle , Christine Faucher & Mathieu Thuot-Dubé

847-848 Yume-Kasafuku-Washi-collaboration with 240 children / Masao Sato

849-850 Interdisciplinary Arts Education from an Authentic Perspective / Emiel Heijnen, Melissa Bremmer & Hanna Salonen

851-852 After Critical Theory, Then What? A Post-museological Perspective / Dana Carlisle Kletchka

853-854 Arrival City Vienna: A Students’ Project focusing Immigration and Urban Development / Silke Pfeifer & Sibylle Bader

855 Vaccine Hesitancy / Kaisu Maria Koski

856-857 Home of Heart - Namibian Migrant Stories / Riikka Notkola

858 Arrival Cities. Exploring Urban Development through City Maps / Silke Pfeifer & Sibylle Bader

859 Art as Guide to the Dark Path / John Philip Hoyt

860-861 Moving beyond Visual Representation: Seeking Critical Interventions in Reality / Jessica Hamlin & Dipti Desai

862-863 Implications of the Artist Teacher on Pedagogical Practice / Marike Hoekstra

864-865 Encouraging a Culture of Social Collaboration for Artists with ASD through Mentorship with Local Artists / Jung Hyoung Yoon & Caroline Ellison

866-867 Understanding the Role of Public Art in Communities / Melanie Lenora Buffington

868-869 Rendering the Multiplicities of Self in an A/r/tist Book for Creativity in Initial Teacher Education / Kathryn Sara Coleman

870 School Art and Free-Time Art – A Case Study of Children’s Art as Communication / Marja Hannele Heikkinen

871 Visual Arts Teacher Candidates’ Views regards the Used of Collage Technique / Görkem Utku Alparslan, Ceren Tekin Karagöz & Ibrahim Karagöz

872-873 Ideation as a Tool for Building Grit in Homeless Youth of Bandung, Indonesia / Ardhana Riswarie , Panca Dwinandika Zen & Nuning Yanti Damayanti

874-875 Acting out the Art School: Students as Social and Political agents / Paul R. Jones

876-877 Study on Application of the International Baccalaureate in Art Education in Japan / Kenji Koike

878 TEST BLEND / Paul R. Jones

879-880 Expanding the Work of Art: Teaching and Learning towards Personal, Social and Political Transformation / Jessica Hamlin

881 The Representation of Movement in Different Cultural Contexts and Its Didactic Application / Barbero Franco, Ana María & Martín Caeiro Rodriguez

882-883 Between the Worlds – New Didactic Concepts for Art Education / Wolfgang Schreibelmayr

884-885 Research Project Concerning the Integration of Youth Culture Into Arts Education Practices: Preliminary Results / Christine Faucher

886-887 Early Childhood Education Students’ Relation to Visual Arts / Jaakko Henrik Moilanen

888-889 Visual Culture Studies in the Development of Social Empathy and Critical Thinking Skills / Nuray Mamur & Sevcan Saribaş

890 Visual Culture and Communication – Content and Visual Methods / Viktoria Kindstrand, Annika Sandahl, Ola Abrahamsson & Robert Blombäck

891-892 Dear You: Shared Spheres in Creative Spaces / Arlene Tucker & Anastasia Artemeva

893-894 Artistic Participation / Seija Maarit Ulkuniemi

895-896 Recycling Values for World Peace / Seija Maarit Ulkuniemi

897-898 Education for Hope in times of Eco-anxiety: The Potential of Drama / Anna Elsa Aurora Lehtonen & Panu Petteri Pihkala

899-900 Interdisciplinary Visual Art Project / Zsuzsanna Paal

901-902 Integrating Contemporary Art in the IB Curriculum to Open Dialogues about Cultural Diversity in Norway / Leticia Balzi Costa & Cherise Kristoffersen

903-904 The ”Home” outside the House / Leena Päivikki Hannula

905-906 Exploring and Engaging Diversity and Social Justice Issues in the School Environment through Video-Making / Christine Liao

907-908 Art for Disabled Children / Ikeda Satosh

909-910 Art Curriculum Development in Early Years II / Satoko Kobashi & Maho Sato

911-912 POP UP Themes or Theachers? Art and Research as Interventions in School / Hannah Maj Kaihovirta & Minna Rimpilä

913-914 Learning from Art. How to Design Space for Creativity / Olga Potters & Suzan Lutke

915 Learning Culture and Language through Visual Art Education / Elina Lipasti & Kristiina Ljokkoi

916-917 How to Prepare Children for Reception of Contemporary Art - Presentation of Book for Children, Parents and Art Teachers / Maciej Bohdanowicz

918-919 Young Finnish People with Muslim Background Negotiating Their Sense of Belonging through Art / Helena Maritta Oikarinen-Jabai

920-221 Moi! Hej! Tere! Marhaba! Sobedo! – Images and Encounters between Young Artists / Hanna Kristiina Lämsä

922 An Inter-Regional Comparison of the Practice of Islam through Art Education / Kanae Minowa

923-924 The Pictorial Worlds of Future Art Teachers / Kerstin Ahlberg & Lee Nordevald-Sjöberg

925-926 School Theater for Ecocitizenship and Justice / Nayla Naoufal & Marianne Ødegaard

927 Rescue a Certain Story - a Project of an Unusual City / Monika Goetzendorf-Grabowska & Beata Marcinkowska

928-929 Paths Chosen by Me and by Others / Päivi Venäläinen , Kaisu Paavilainen , Maritta Poijärvi & Saga Heino

930-931 Creativity, Contemporaneity, Criticality – Towards New Core Elements in Norwegian Art and Craft Education / Helene Illeris, Monica Klungland, Lisbet Skregelid & Anna Svingen-Austestad

932-933 Finnexia / Lisa Erdman

934-935 Visual Litteracy in Museums: The M-Case / Peter Carpreau

936-937 Should I Stay or Should I Go: The Clash Over Public Art, Monuments and Memorials / David Anderson & Kevin Tavin

938-939 The Disciplines and the Liberties of Art Education / Claire Elizabeth Robins , Annie Davey & Nicholas John Addison

940-941 Contemporary Art: Learning Methods and Tools for Distance Learning / Ilze Kadike

942-943 The Role of Art Educator in Workshops with Refugees / Susan Maly & Hana Svobodová

944-945 Is Peace Out of Fashion? – Societal Challenges in Art Education / Raquel Pelayo & Teresa Fonseca

946 And Why Are They Leaving? Accompanying Program for Children at DOX Center for Contemporary Art / Eliška Pýchová

947-948 Beyond Binaries: When Artists with Disabilities Experiment with Ink, Brush, Water, and Xuan Paper / Min Gu

949-950 Uses of Public Art by Teachers in Finnish Schools / Oona Myllyntaus

951-952 Where is the Key of Supporting Students’ Key Competences in Primary School Art Classes? Helen Arov & Edna Vahter

953-954 The Discourse of Visuality of Grammar School Pupil / Karolína Včelišová

955-956 The Phenomenon of Architecture and Its Pedagogical Implications / Pavla Gajdosikova

957 Every End Is a New Beginning / Pavla Gajdosikova

958-959 Intersections in the Becoming of Knowledge at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design – a Collaborative Research and Development Project / Cecilia Andersson & Miro Sazdic

960 Photographs in Spain: Their Legal Status / Diego Martín Fernández & José Aureliano Martín Segura

961-962 Cartographies as Spaces of Inquiry on Secondary Teachers’ Learning Nomadic Trajectories / Fernando Hernandez-Hernandez & Juana M. Sancho-Gil

963 Highlighting Cultural Roots or Routes: Art Educational Approaches to Diversity and Migration / Martin Klinkner

964 Art Education and Ethics Part II / Carl-Peter Buschkühle & Raphael Vella

965 The Concept of ‘Competency’ in Art Education / Diederik Weigardus Schönau

966 Between Organic Lines – Chinese Characters in Finnish Early (Art) Education / Jie Zhao

967 Raphael Vella, PRE-AGREED ENViL WORKSHOP – in Cooperation with Carl-Peter Buschkühle / Raphael Vella & Carl-Peter Buschkuhle

968 Assessment in a New Key / Diederik Weigardus Schönau & Teresa Torres de Eca

969-970 Intervening, Serving, and Engaging in Art Education and Beyond / Aaron D. Knochel , Tiina Pusa , Kevin Tavin & Wolfgang Courtnie

971 The Common European Framework of Reference for Visual Literacy / Andrea Karpati & Diederik Schönau

972-973 Chasing the Sun: The Art of Mental Health Awareness / David Anderson

974-975 DREAMS IN THE WIND – Art-Based Practices and Experiences / Aldona Kaczmarczyk-Kolucka

976 From Subject to Object / Hana Svobodová

977-978 Creative Spaces for Emancipatory Pedagogies: Exploring Identity and Creativity as A/r/tographer / Jennifer Ann Skriver

979-980 Re-Examining Drawing in the Early Childhood Classroom: Changing Teaching Attitudes towards Drawing as Multifaceted, Meaningful Representations / Kwang Dae Chung

981-982 Questions... On Aesthetic Practices and Processes of Subjectivation in Art, Craft and Design Studies [Formgivingsfag] / Anna Svingen-Austestad

983-984 Valuable Time – Valuable People / Maria Letsiou

985-986 Strategies to Introduce Visual Literacy at National Level in Policy / Eeke Wervers & Ronald Kox

987-988 Strategies to Introduce Visual Literacy at National Level in Policy and Curricula / Ronald Kox & Eeke Wervers

989-990 Development of Creativity and Problem Solving Skills through Spatial Workshops / Dora Szentandrasi

991-992 Visual Competencies in the Classroom: The Importance of Teachers’ Conceptions and Beliefs / Christiane Herth

993 The Benefits of ENViL Situation Wheel / Franz Billmayer

994 Huff, Puff and Blow / Maria Huhmarniemi

995-996 The Development and Assessment of Aesthetic Education Curriculum - Aspect of Proportion and Color / Chia-Hung Kao

997-998 An Interlocking Process of Choice-Based Art Education: Collaboration Among Art Teachers, Artists and Museums / Yu Chi Wu

999-1000 Failing to Deliver: Education and its Art in the Current Post-Truth Situation / Nadine M. Kalin & Daniel T. Barney

1001-1002 Visual Literacy, Youth, and Identity Formation / Oona Myllyntaus , Rachel Sinquefield-Kangas & Christiane Herth

1003-1004 Studious Play in Art Education as Archive / Nadine M. Kalin & Ellie J. Ivanova

1005-1006 Pre-Agreed ENViL Workshop / Frants Mikael Holger Mathiesen & Hans Örtegren

1007-1008 The Process of Artwork Interpretation / Kristýna Říhová

1009-1010 Art Education, Service-learning, and Incarceration: Investigating Power and Practice / Courtnie Wolfgang, Melanie Buffington & Tesni Stephen

1011 Portraits of Male Art Teachers: Notions of Masculinity, Resilience and Anxiety / Andrew Charles Jones

1012-1013 Applying the Views on 4P Creativity to Explore the Development Process of Elementary School Teachers’ Creative Thinking / Hui-Min Lin

1014 Case Study: Inclusion and Cultural Diversity at the Queens Museum / Tanha Gomes

1015-1016 Constructing Global Citizenship in Visual Arts Education – Student Teachers’ Learning Experiences in Primary Teacher Education / Seija Kairavuori & Leena Knif

1017 Seeking Culturally Sustainable Approaches to Art Practices in the North / Elina Maria Härkönen

1018-1019 Exhibition as a Contemporary Approach to Art Education - the Case of Teng-fang Lee’s Ancient House / Wen Tsai Chang

1020 Tears /Generated Installation/ / Petra Vargova

1021 Understanding Relationship between Self and Society by Photography and Dialogue / Koichi Kasahara

1022 Artist as an Educator or Educator as an Artist? Unclear Boundaries of the Social Role / Abara Ibáñez & Josefina Ignacia

1023-1024 ‘We Are the Visual and Creative World’: An Art Workshop Aimed at Making the Physically Challenged Students of Modupe Cole Memorial Childcare, Entrepreneurs / Wahab Ademola Azeez

1025 A Somatic Education Workshop for Art Students. An Alternative Approach to the Art Education / Espíritu Zavalza & Martha Patricia

1026-1027 Holes, Stones, Caves and Carpets: Spatial Configurations in the Construction of the Self and the Group / Olaia Miranda Berasategi

1028 15 Ways to be Meaningful: Museums as Places for Asylum / Ilona Niinikangas & Riika Huitti-Malka

1029-1030 Drawing with Autistic Children: An Investigation of Collaborative Drawing’s Potential to Enhance Interaction and Communication to a Cognitive and Emotional Level / Phivi Antoniou, Nefi Charalambous-Darden & Ourania Kouvou

1031 On World Traveller Helinä Rautavaara’s Footprint / Ilona Niinikangas

1032-1033 Digital Choice / Annamari Eveliina Manninen

1034 Human Rights School Event / Maria Letsiou

1035-1036 Visual Literacy Through Topic of Gender / Zuzana Svatošová

1037-1038 Reassessing the Ethics of Nomadic Thought in Art and Art Education / Timothy Smith

1039-1040 Practices of Interdisciplinary Intervention in the Urban Space / Fernando Miranda & Luis Oreggioni

1041 The Experimental Differences between Creative Techniques and Creativity Works by the University Makers / Tsui-lien Shen & Jiin-Chyuan Mark Lai

1042-1043 Contemporary Artistic and Art Educational Approaches to Diversity and Cultural Changes / Cristina Arriaga-Sanz & Gorka Ibarmia

1044 Uterne - 100 Arrernte Objects / Kristina Tohmo

1045-1046 Pictures that Tell Stories – Visual Arts Education in Secondary School / Frida Margareta Marklund

1047-1048 Applying Contemporary Art in Visual Art Education / Anna Widén

1049 The Exploration of Cultural Creativity via Image Demonstration / Jiin-Chyuan Mark Lai & Tsui-lien Shen

1050-1051 Understanding Myself in New Ways: An Auto-Biographical Study in Times of Cultural Change / Martina Riedler

1052-1053 Joint Knowledge Building on Arctic Visual Culture and Contemporary Sami Art / Mirja Liisa Hiltunen

1054-1055 Northern Interventions: Art-Based Action Research for Sustainable Future / Mirja Liisa Hiltunen

1056-1057 Circular Economy, Art and Cultural Change / Onni Taneli Tuovinen & Riikka Mäkikoskela

1058-1059 Visuals, body and adolescent identities in the high school / Gonzalo Vicci Gianotti & Arianna Fasanello

1060-1061 The Effect of Teaching Unit in the Development of Knowledge and Skills by Using Looped Piles, Variable of Materials and Design Between Traditional Education and E-Learning / Nahla Ahmed Hamdy ElDeeb

1062 Anachronistic Time of Images and Visual Knowledge / Marie Fulkova

1063 The Influence of the Mosaic Style of White and Black Roman Artists on Modern Times / Nermin Mahmoud Gomaah

1064-1065 Synthetic Materials Technology and Its Benefits in the Development of Contemporary Sculpture Formation Skills / Mahmoud Mostafa ElSayed

1066-1067 The Aesthetic and Useful Values of Colored Clay in the Ceramic Form and Its Impact on the Development of Creative Ability for Students of Art Education / Hend Elbadry Azaz

1068-1069 Interdisciplinarity in Gallery Education / Susan Maly

1070-1071 Making sense of the Historical, the Modern and the Contemporary Art – an Educational Challenge / Leonora Kitzbergerova

1072-1073 A New Culture in Developing Assignments / Barbara Lutz-Sterzenbach & Ernst Wagner

1074-1075 Intersection of Art and Science in School / Nina Ostan

1076-1077 From Erosion to Renewing: Participatory Art Education Facing Changing Arctic ( KEYNOTE PAPER) / Timo Sakari Jokela

1078-1079 BREXIT & The ALT-RIGHT: The Social Expulsion of “Illegal” People, “Nomads”, and Other “Barbarians” / Adetty Pérez Miles , Kevin Jenkins & Ann Holt

1080-1081 Oresteia Brings Scholars from Suburbs to Theater and Students to School. Fear at the Beginning. First In-School Experience of Art Education Students / Ruth Gabriele Mateus-Berr & Simona Bergmann, Violety Hinojosa

1082 A Sense of Place: ’Genius Loci’ and Cultural Diplomacy in the Visual Arts / Katy Elizabeth MacLeod

1083-1084 Collective Identities: Differences that Binds Us / Sofia Ré

1085-1086 Finnish Diaspora and Cultural Intervention / Laura Gwynne Hudson

1087-1088 Boazoeallin and Workshop ”Your Every Day Life Combined with the Reindeer Herders” Exhibition + Workshop / Korinna Korsström-Magga

1089-1090 Children’s Wellbeing through Art in Lapland During Reconstruction. The Influence of Art Activities by Foreign Artist and Aid Worker / Anniina Koivurova

1091 Replicating Children’s Hand Crafted Pottery by Additive Manufacturing Using the Sense / Rafat Saleh Madani

1092-1093 The ARTikertuz Experience / Regina Guerra Guezuraga & Estibaliz Jiménez de Aberasturi 

1094-1095 Rancièrean aesthetic education as an intervention / Jaakko Mikael Jekunen

1096-1097 FAQ (Feminism and Queer/Frequently Asked Questions) in Art Education / Anniina Suominen & Tiina Pusa

1098-1099 Resource, Threat, Sacred, Disposable, Eaten, Preserved: Animals in Art, Education & Research / Mira Kallio-Tavin & Anniina Suominen

1100-1101 The Asia Art Archive: A site for the continuing professional development of Irish art teachers about contemporary Asia art / Patsey Bodkin

1102-1103 Silent Walk—An Eco-Critical Artistic Approach / Raisa Hannele Foster

1104 Marginalized and crisis area arts education / Anniina Suominen & Eeva Anttila

1105-1106 „Gamer“ – project / Petra Petileta

1107 Rubies and Ice / Pia Lindman

1108-1109 Primo Levi’s Demand for Contemporary Art Education; What Pedagogy Do Artist Educators Need to Address an Existential Dimension in Their Educational Praxis? / Janeke Wienk

1110-1111 The Role, Meaning, Importance and Possibilites of Images in the Learning Process of (Art) Education / Marjan Prevodnik

III Digital and new materialist artistic and art educational practices and theories

Peer-reviewed articles

1112-1129 Characteristic Features of Digital and Analogue Self-portraits of Children / Hajnalka Kovács

1130-1154 Augmented Reality in Character Modeling Education as Course Material / Levent Çoruh & Yusuf Osman Taşdelen

1155-1171 Me and My Teddy Bear: Students’ Online Production Intersects with Art Learning / Maria Letsiou

1172-1192 Mutable Artistic Narratives: Video Art versus Glitch Art / Ana Marqués Ibáñez

Non-peer reviewed articles

1193-1204 Looking for Neutral Ground in the Polarised Field of Contemporary Ecological and Social Crises / Andrew Styan

1205-1221 A Curious Choreography: for Pigments on Paper, Forty People Paired and Aalto University Campus / Kajsa G. Eriksson, Fredric Gunve & Carol Padberg

1222-1234 Re-turning / Anton Krohn

1235-1240 How to Prepare Children to Appreciate Contemporary Art / Maciej Bohdanowicz, Beata Marcinkowska& Ewa Wojtyniak-Dębinska

1241-1248 Interactive eBooks as a Promising Digital Field in Artistic Education. The Example of the eBook “Real Life Superheroes” / Natalia Pater Ejgierd

1249-1283 The Dialectic of Feeling and Constructivism in the Murals of Artist/ Abdelsalam Eid, and Their Influence on Art Appreciation / Gihan Aboul Kheir

1284-1298 Fan Art/Fiction Production as Creative Processes / Laura J. Hetrick

1299-1310 Art in Face: The Role of a Play and Digital Art in Arts Education / Jana Ovčáčková, Šimon Kříž

1311-1326 Diversity  Colour: Understanding Cultural Diversity / Chihiro Tetsuka , Maho Sato , Koichi Kasahara , Satoshi Ikeda & Satoshi Ikeda


1327-1328 The Outdoors as a Common Site of Experience and Collaboration in Art and Technology Education – A Workshop Model / Kajsa G. Eriksson & Lena TH Berglin

1329-1330 Gendered Interventions – Changes in Visual Art Education Discourses, Practices and Materiality / Ulla Elisabet Lind & Annika Hellman

1331-1332 Game On! – Teaching Video Game Studies in the Arts Classroom / Stephanie Veronica Martyniuk

1333-1334 Contemporary Videographic Narratives: Videoart versus Glith Art Format / Ana Marqués Ibáñez & Natalia Camejo Lemes

1335-1336 The Third Culture: The Question between Artistic Freedom and Cultural Appropriation in a Collaborative Virtual World / Hsiao-Cheng Han

1337-1338 Critical Digital Making: Art, Design, and Education Collaboration in Virtual Worlds / Hsiao-Cheng Han , Yi Meng & Ellie Chung

1339-1340 The Usage of Art Works as Visual Materials in Teaching German as a Foreign Language / Suna Timur Ağıldere, Neşe Işık Tertemiz, Selcen Arslangilay

1341-1342 The Place of Cultural Heritage in Visual Arts Course Curriculum and Teacher Training Program / Selma Aslantaş & Saime Bilge Karaöz

1343-1344 Display the Play but Playful: Investigating the Word ‘Game’ and the New Role of Lifelong Learning in Digital Era / Solip Park

1345-1346 A Call for Dissensus in (Art) Education! / Lisbet Skregelid

1347 The Digital Eye, the Physical Hand and the Mentality of the Material in the Artistic Expression / Hana Stehlikova Babyradova

1348-1349 Secondary School Student’ Opinions on Social Media Tools Used in Visual Arts / Ibrahim Karagöz , Ceren Tekin Karagöz & Görkem Utku Alparslan

1350-1351 Identification of Family Problems with Children’s Drawings (10-12 ages sample) / İbrahim Halil Yurdakal & Ayşe Yurdakal

1352-1353 Art as Parrhesia or Branding / Pirjo Leena Seddiki

1354-1355 Meaning Making through Digital Art Educational Practices / Kazuhiro Ishizaki & Wenchun Wang

1356-1357 A Thousand Becomings in Visual Art and Media Education / Annika Amelie Hellman & Ulla Elisabet Lind

1358-1359 Design Thinking in the Art Education / Alexandra Chudinova

1360 Design Thinking for Improving Creativity in the Educational Format / Alexandra Chudinova

1361-1362 Contribution of Social Networking Sites to Students’ Visual Arts Education / Huriye Çelikcan & Şeniz Aksoy

1363-1364 Empowering by Themes of Art and Ecology - EKOThinkTank / Minttu Maria Nikula

1365-1366 Emotions in Digital and Traditional Child Art: Message above Medium / Hajnalka Kovács

1367-1368 The Digital Cultural Object as a Trigger for Transdisciplinary Teaching: Is Pedagogical Co-Creation through Art a Solution? / Mathieu Thuot-Dubé

1369-1370 Reality Melting into Augmented Future / Jan Charvát

1371-1372 Cypriot Video Art: An Investigation of Artistic Practice and its Educational Implications for Visual Arts Education / Nicoleta Avgousti

1373-1374 Hybridity, Multimodality and Youth’s Informal Creative Practices: Review of the Present State of Knowledge & New Cases / Moniques Richard & Christine Faucher

1375-1376 “– It was good because you had to think a lot” – Making Movies as an Intervention Among Fifth Graders / Lena O. Magnusson

1377-1378 Visual Culture in the 21st Century, Challenges of the Digital Age and the Presence of Media in Public Education / Gabor Klima

1379-1380 Learning With Bananas: An Exhibition Animators / Memoir-Manifesto & Harold Hejazi

1381-1382 Exhibition Animation: Learning with Live Art / Harold Hejazi

1383 Drawing between Paper and a Touchscreen / Ondřej Moučka

1384-1385 Teaching Film in High School and University: Opening the Dialogue Between Theory and Practice / Caroline Martin & Louis Paul Willis

1386-1387 Art Making/Education In The Age of Automated Thinking / Jean Elizabeth Rasenberger

1388-1389 Collaborative Learning of Social Justice: Digital Performance Collaboration between Graduate, Undergraduate, and High School Students / Christine Liao

1390-1391 The Color Arrangement Workshop – Understanding Cultural Diversity / Chihiro Tetsuka , Mah Sato , Koichi Kasahara , Satoshi Ikeda & Kazuji Mogi

1392-1393 Art Education at Czech Schools and Computer Games / Jakub Konecny

1394-1395 Thinking-Doing Childhood Urbannatures in Neurodiverse Ways: Possibilities, Limits and Contradictions of a Visual Art-Based Research / Rachel Fendler , Laura Trafi-Prats & Aurelio Castro Varela

1396 Art in Face: The Role of a Game and Digital Art in Arts Education / Jana Ovčáčková & Šimon Kříž

1397-1398 A Curious Choreography: for Pigments on Paper, Forty People Paired and Aalto University Campus / Kajsa G. Eriksson , Carol Natalie Padberg & Fredric Gunve

1399-1400 The New Language of Art - Intermediality and New Media in Art Education / Beata Marcinkowska & Ewa Wojtyniak-Debinska

1401-1402 Weave in Open Door / Monica Klungland

1403-1404 Exploring European Citizenship through Contemporary Art and Blogging. Experiences of Using International Quad Blogs in an Art Education Action Research Project in Elementary and Secondary School Levels / Annamari Eveliina Manninen

1405-1406 A Posthuman and New-Materialistic Perspective – Multisensory Interviews with Arts and Craft Teachers in Woodworking Practices in Eight Norwegian Primary Schools / Pauliina Maapalo & Tone Pernille Østern

1407-1408 Drawings that Teach to See – Drawing as a Medium of Communication between Teacher and Student / Tim Proetel

1409-1410 On Material and Artistic Thinking / Riikka Irina Mäkikoskela

1411-1412 Moholy-Nagy Visual Modules – Research on Art Didactics 1. The Framework / Emil Gaul , Ágnes Gaul-Ács , Zsuzsanna Mészáros & Valéria Póczos

1413-1414 A Bodily and Choreographic Place Exploration / Nayla Naoufal

1415-1416 Interactive eBooks as a Promising Digital Field in Artistic Education. The Example of the eBook “Real life Superheroes” / Natalia Pater Ejgierd

1417-1418 The Digital Leap in Art Education / Martina Paatela-Nieminen

1419-1420 It's Your Data, but My Algorithms / Tomi Tapio Dufva

1421 Creative Coding at the Arts and Crafts School Robotti (Käsityökoulu Robotti) / Tomi Tapio Dufva

1422-1423 Game and Game Design Studies in the Finnish Art Teacher Training Curriculum / Heikka Valja

1424-1425 Mapping as Dis/Placing: a Post-Qualitative Cartographic Approach to Teachers’ Learning / Aurelio Castro-Varela & Judit Onsès

1426-1427 Images and Artistic Practices as Centres of Vibrations / Fernando Hernandez-Hernandez, Sara Carrasco-Segovia & Marta Sobral-Ornellas

1428-1429 Art Pedagogy in Motion: Digital Storytelling as a Transformative Pedagogy in Primary Education / Victoria Pavlou

1430-1431 3D Virtual Worlds for Graphic Design Education / Yi Meng

1432 The Art of the Manifesto or Should That be the Manifesto for Art? / Susan M. Coles

1433 Dealing with Large Quantities of Pictures / Franz Billmayer

1434 Environmental art for Tourism in Lapland / Maria Huhmarniemi & Christa Haataja

1435-1436 Understanding Contemporary Visual Expressions through Participation. A Multidisciplinary Work in Teacher Education / Malena Wallin

1437-1438 Materiality and Immateriality of Crafts / Päivi Takala

1439-1440 Things that Matter – Tracing Agents in Discussing Photographs of Preschoolers / Mari-Jatta Rissanen

1441-1442 Visible Storage, an Open-Ended Experience / Reetta Kalajo & Laura Kokkonen

1443-1444 Non-Anthropocentric Situations -Material-Discursive Apparatuses of Becoming (Working Title) / Anton Krohn

1445-1446 In my Worst Nightmares – Teaching Art Education Online / Anette Göthlund, Cecilia Andersson, Annika Sandahl

1447-1448 Fan Art/Fiction Production as Creative Processes / Laura Hetrick

1449-1450 Transition from Old Media Art to New Media Art and Technologies: How Prepared are Art Educators in Africa? / Wahab Ademola Azeez

1451-1452 Bricolaging Our Assemblage: Co-Authorship of Arts-Based Interventions and Material Evidence Thereof / James Woglom

1453-1454 Digital Tools in Primary School Art – What Difference Does it Make? / Stina Sofia Wikberg

1455-1456 Perspectives for Art Education in Promoting Information and Media Literacy in an Interdisciplinary Teacher Training Project / Dorothe Johanna Knapp

1457-1458 Re-Imagining Art Education through Post-Internet Practices in Contemporary Art / Timothy Smith, Elina Nissinen

1459-1460 Curators at Work. At School. The Learning Potential of Curatorial Practice / Katharina Anna Edlmair

1461-1462 Looking for Neutral Ground in the Polarised Field of Contemporary Ecological and Social Crises / Andrew Thomas Styan

1463-1464 Art as a Window of Study: Screens and Blackboards within the Frame / Ellie Ivanova, Samira AliRezaBeigi

1465-1466 A Discussion about (a) Post-Qualitative Inquiry, Post-Humanism, and New Materialist Philosophies / Adetty Pérez Miles, Kevin Jenkins

1467-1468 The Dialectic of Feeling and Constructivism in the Murals of Artist/ Abdelsalam Eid, and their influence on Art Appreciation / Gihan farouk Aboulkheir

1469 How Soon Is Now? Post-Visual Culture, ‘After’ All / Kevin Tavin, Juuso Tervo

1470 Sleeping with a Stranger / Raisa Hannele Foster

1471-1472 Skills of Practical Ecology / Minna Suoniemi

1473 To share and discuss the InSEA Manifesto for Visual Art Education / Susan M. Coles, Gabriella Pataky, Joaquin Roldan, Petra Sobanova, Liia Jung, Rolf Laven, Dace Paeglite, Phivi Antoniou, Emil Gaul, Martin Klinkner, Marc Fritzsche, Monika Grabowska, Beata Marcinkowska, Teresa Torres de Eca, Angela Saldanha, Jana Jiroutova, Robert F. Hayden Jr