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Quick instructions for users

1. Log on

Point your browser at, select "NMC", "AELICT" or whichever infrastructure you are looking for, and log on. Aalto affiliated users should always log on using their Aalto IT account.

If you don't have an Aalto IT account, please register as a new user. New user accounts are reviewed by administrators. You will receive an email confirmation when your new account is ready. Then, log in using your Asio account. You may also browse available resources without a user account.

2. Find the resource you want to use and arrange training

In general, users will be granted booking rights only after device training. Select the method you are interested in and navigate down to the device page. Find the contact information and ask the device admins about device training.

3. Book some device time

When device admins have trained you, they will grant use booking rights in the system. That done, you can make a reservation by clicking and painting a time interval in the calendar.

A pop-up window opens. You don't need to fill in any additional fields, but it may be useful to give the reservation a title. If you know the project which will pay for your device use, you can enter it in the Project field. You can request that an operator be present to assist you by checking the relevant box. Write a description of your request in the text field that will open. An operator will confirm or deny your request, or suggest another time, based on their own calendar. When done, click "Save".

4. Adding operator time or purchaseable items to your reservation

xSome infrastructures provide purchaseable items that can be added to your reservation, e.g. TEM sample grids at the OtaNano Nanomicroscopy Center. NMC also offers operators to support users, and operator time can be purchased as multiples of 30 minutes. Let's demonstrate the process with NMC's nonexistent electron microscope. Create a new reservation and click the "Pick products" button at the bottom.

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Select the OtaNano NMC Operator from the category drop down menu.

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Enter a positive integer in the "Pcs" field. Note that operator time has different prices based on usage type. Select the line that corresponds to your activity, i.e. Aalto's internal use, non-Aalto academic use or commercial use. Finish this stage by clicking "Pick products".

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You can see a summary of the products you included before you finalize the reservation by clicking "Save".

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You can see the included products when you check the reservation details later.

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5. Ease of use

5.1 MyBookings

You can find a list of your past and future reservations on the MyBookings page. You can send messages and error reports to device admins, and change future reservations.

5.2 Favorites

If navigating to a calendar view every time you log on is too laborious, you can set devices as your favorites by clicking the "Set as favorite" link on the device calendar page. Favorite devices will appear in the navigation column on the left.

5.3 Home page

If seeing the front page when you log in does not please you, you can set your own front page. Click the small house icon on any page, and you'll see that page first when you log in.

5.4 Search

Instead of navigating device hierarchies, you can use the search field to find resources. You can search by device type, manufacturer, method or pretty much anything relevant.

5.5 Profile page

You can see your own user profile information by clicking the vaguely humanlike icon on the black bar on the top of the page. In the near future, you will also see your user privileges and trainings, but that feature has not been implemented yet on the production server.

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