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Interactive content with H5P is a new an activity for adding creating and uploading interactive content (update June 2018). HP5 Originally H5P is an open source plugin. It enables better integration of content and activities, like various questionnaires and tests.For example, course presentations can consist of slides with multimedia, text, and many different types of interactions like interactive summaries, multiple choice questions and interactive videos, created and maintained by As an activity in Mycourses, H5P makes it possible to integrate content with student activities, such as a video including multiple-choices or other types of questions.

Examples of content types (for all content types and applications, go to

  • course presentation with interactive slides 
  • interactive video
  • fill in the blanks
  • quiz
  • drag the words
  • drag and drop
  • image hotpots
  • documentation tool tool
  • etc.

How to add Interactive content with H5P in your course workspace: Turn editing on → Add an activity or resource → Interactive content with H5P

When adding Interactive content with H5P, you see can also watch demos and examples of different content types.

To see exact results and answers, open gradebook and klick name of H5P activity. 

Content types and applications: multiple-choices and other assignments you may include in the activity, may give students points. For example, if you have a multiple -choice question with to correct and three incorrect response alternatives, the question gives the student max 2 points. If you want to give students points for completing the assignments, please NOTE that there are known and unfixed BUGS in the grading system, so DO NOT USE the points given by H5P as part of the course grading! The problem is that in practice students get random scores in the multiple-choises, so the grading is not at all trustworthy.

Tutorials for authors: