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Finally, save your changes.

Adding a missing Aalto unit/cost code

Log on to the Swiss-army-chainsaw management interface of the system, using the URL and credentials you should know. Click the Maintenance link.

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Click the Client administration link from the next menu.

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A search form pops up. Click "New Company". Fill in the fields highlighted in the picture below. You can search for the parent company, e.g. a department for a research group, school for a department etc. by name. You can also find the complete list of Aalto cost codes on web site. In the DN field, you can copy this string: "OU=XABCDE,OU=XABV,OU=Staff,OU=users,OU=root,DC=org,DC=aalto,DC=fi". Replace the XABCDE with the unit cost code and XABC with the parent unit cost code.

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Finish by clicking "Save".