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Workspace is an area for your course content. For each course, there is a workspace.

Oodi and MyCourses are integrated

  • MyCourses workspaces are created automatically based on Oodi course information (public and conformed confirmed courses).
  • A new workspace is created for every course implemention. Do not reuse workspaces.
  • Access rights are inherited from Oodi course info.
  • Teachers get teacher rights based on the Oodi course roles "teacher-in-charge/vastuuopettaja", "lecturer/luennoitsija" or "exercise group leader/harjoitustöiden pitäjä". The MyCourses role of "workspace assistant" is based on the role of a Virkailija an "officer"/"virkailija" role in Oodi.
  • Students get student rights to a course workspace after registering for the course in Oodi.

More info on course creation and roles (in Finnish): Ohjeita palveluiden henkilökunnalle

Finding your course workspaces

You will see your courses after logging in on the Dashboard. You can hide courses on your list and filter them by term or by teacher. Your courses are also listed under the My own courses -link on the top navigation bar.

Please note that course workspaces that are set as hidden from students can still be seen by the workspace teachers. A whole workspace can be hidden by administrators only.

How to import content from your previous workspace

Workspace requests

On request, course workspaces can be produced manually insted of automatically.

Course workspace layout