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MyCourses workspaces are open as a default. Guests (non logged in users) have read-only access to workspaces.

Teachers can restrict access to but not hide their course workspaces.

How to restrict workspace access to Aalto / Haka logged in users only

Guest access is allowed as a default.

You can restrict access to logged in users only by disabling guest access to your workspace:

Turn editing on → click  Enrolment methods  in the  Quick links list   Guest access → Hide (eye icon)

How to restrict section or resource access to course students only

You can restrict access to a section or to a resource (eg folder) to your course students only.

You find Restrict access in the settings of each object.

To restrict access to students, choose Role → Student.

Note! With this restriction, teachers and assistant can still see everything in the workspace.

For more details: Restricting access

In a section:

Go to the section and click Edit to open settings → click Edit section name and summary → Restrict access → Role → Student.

In a resource: See more about restriction in resource or activity

Open the resource (eg Folder) click the gear to edit settings → Edit settings → Restrict access → Add restriction → Role → Student

How to restrict access to Aalto users only

In some cases, you want to restrict access to Aalto users only.

We have a ready made restricted section "For Aalto users only" in the template workspace. Restriction is made by Aalto email address.