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Comment: Add the doc of questions for security tool salesfolk



Lecture topic

Lecture notes

Exercise and deadline (all deadlines 07:00 UTC+3)


10 Apr

  • Concept inventory test
  • Introduction
  • How software breaks (low level)

Lecture 1: How software breaks (1/2)

Assignment 1: Fuzzing

Grades posted on MyCourses.


17 Apr

  • How software breaks (web apps)
  • Concepts of language theoretic security

Lecture 2: How software breaks (2/2)

Assignment 2: Intercepting proxies

Due 24 April, 07:00am UTC+3.


24 Apr

  • Security in a software project

Lecture 3: Security in a Software Project

Assignment 3: The role of security tools in software projects

Due 8 May, 7:00am UTC+3.

Based on past and this year's assignment solutions, I maintain a document with difficult questions to ask from security tool salespersons: SecurityTestToolConsiderations_20180523.pdf


8 May

  • Threat modelling (architectural risk analysis)
  • Location T6

Lecture 4: Threat modelling

Assignment 4: Threat modelling


11 May

  • Privacy engineering
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation and software security
  • Note a different weekday.
  • Location TU5

Lecture 5: Privacy, the GDPR and Privacy Engineering

Assignment 5: Privacy considerations

The result from Assignment 4 is required as a basis for Assignment 5. If you skip Assignment 4, you can obtain a reference answer from the course staff after the Assignment 4 deadline has passed. However, this only leaves you a couple of days, so working on Assignment 4 is much recommended.


15 May

  • Software security in the society
  • Economics of software security
  • EU and national regulation
  • Visitor: A consultant's view - Henri Lindberg
    • Cancelled due to force majeure
  • Concept inventory test
  • Location R037/1171-72

Lecture 6: Software Security, Society and Economics

(None, have a nice summer)