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Attendance for keeping track

You can keep track of students' attendance in lessons (present, absent, late). The Attendance activity also allows students to record their own attendance.  Notice! Default grade is 100.

Tips for use:

  • The teacher can open the activity for a short time in a lesson for students to record their attendance.
  • The teacher can specify for how many minutes a session is available to students after the session starts.
  • The teacher can choose which session status is marked if the student doesn't mark any.

How to use it:

Scheduler for appointments

With a Scheduler activity, the teacher can schedule appointments with individual students or with groups.

Appointments show up in the MyCourses calendar; also reminders can be sent.

The teacher can comment or make notes on a session, and grade it. When grading is on, the scheduler grades show in the Grader report.

How to use the scheduler: