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To start adding collaborative tools to your workspace, click Turn editing on → Add an activity or resource.

Collaborative writing

Etherpad Lite

To support collaborative writing in real time.

Note! This activity is an open to guests (non logged in users). Guests can read or, if allowed, also write in the pad. In Etherpad settings, you can restrict access to your students only, or to a group.

OU Wiki

New feature (update June 2018)

Relies on HTML editor

Includes integrated comments on pages or headings and single words

More info on OU Wiki

(Moodle wiki was replaced with OU wiki. For previous Moodle wiki users:

External tool

The external tool activity module enables students to interact with learning resources and activities on other web sites.

  • Aalto wiki
  • others

Microsoft O365

Available for students (summer 2018)

Peer review - how a student can give feedback to another student

  • Discussion forum (groups)


Structured peer assessment activity

Teacher plans the process: student submits an assignment - self assessment is possible - peer assessment phase - teacher can give feedback - grade calculation method

Individual students only; no group submissions or review

Anonymous peer review possible

Random or planned allocation of students

Phases can be  manually or automatically switched

Grading methods: self assessment, peer assessment and teacher giving grades