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Grader report

Click Grades on the left side bar to see the Grader report.

In Grader report teachers can view reports of each students and all activities with grading.

How to calculate the Course total

Course total column shows the result of the aggregation of all the grading activities. You can choose different aggregation methods:

  • mean of grades
  • median of grades
  • weighted mean of grades
  • lowest grade
  • highest grade
  • mode of grades
  • natural (the sum of all grade values)

The last column of the grader report, Course total, calculates and shows automatically the course total grade, based on your settings.

As a default, the aggregation method is Simple weighted means of grades, and the maximum grade is 100.

You can change the aggregation method, set maximum to 5 and print a list of course grades as an excel:

Open Grades to see the Grader report → Setup tab

In Gradebook setup view, click Edit on the first course row → Edit settings → Choose aggregation type in the Aggregation menu (eg. weighted means of grades or natural, meaning sum of grades).

  • Change the Maximum grade to 5. You can include or exclude empty grades.
  • Click Show more to open more options: set Overall decimal points to 0 (default being 2). Using normal rounding rules, you now get course total grades as whole numbers.
  • Course total column is calculating the current situation. You can hide Course total column and show it only in the end of the course.

Note! You can also formulate your own calculation:

Gradebook setup → Click Edit on Course total row (last row)→ define ID numbers for your grading items → create a calculation formula. For more info:

How to add a grading item (eg for exam results)

In some cases, you may want to add grades without an activity, for example give exam grades or bonus points. You can add a column in the grading table:

Choose Gradebook setup → Add a grading item. Give a name and define grading method.

To give grades, click Turn editing on on in Grader report, and give grades directly in the grading item column. Save.

How to export an grading table as an excel

  • Export a course total sheet; choose columns for students´ name, student number and course total. Print or send as a file. (No integration to Oodi, but the sheet can be handled manually as list of course grades)

Video: Grades and course total