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On the left hand side of your workspace, you see a list of sections, like pages. The four default sections are just a starting point.

  • You can add, remove, reorganise and rename sections.
  • You can restrict access to a section.

Add, delete or rename a section

You can add, delete, rename and rearrange sections in your workspace.

With When the editing mode is on, you can find three two buttons in the Quick links panel: "Show all sections" and "Add new section".

  • "Click Add new section" and you will get a new section to will appear on the left navigation section listpanel. Added The added section will be given a default name, such as Section 5. You can rename the section.
  • If you want to delete a section, click Show all sections and click Edit near the section title you want deleted, and then click delete Delete section (or hide Hide section).  Note! Deleting a section will also delete all the content from the deleted section.
  • To rename a section, with turn the editing mode on , and click the "pencil icon" in the section title and rename the title.. Then you can type in a new name.

Reordering sections

To reorder sections, first click the "Turn editing on". Then click "Show all sections" -button on the right side of the workspace. Drag and drop the sections from by clicking on the cross-symbol in front of the sections name. Clicking on the " list view " -button on the top collapses the sections so moving becomes easier.

Section reordering is usable also useful when you want to remove a section which is the middle of that is located in between other sections. Reorder the sections as the removable sectios comes last and then remove last that the section to be removed comes last. Then it can be removed.

With cross-symbol, you can also reorder activities and resources.

Please take a look at some tips tipson how to use and restructure MyCourses Workspaces.

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Hiding and restricting access to a section

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