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Curriculum planning serviceIT solution development for Aalto curriculum planning serviceDoneTeaching & Learning
IT chatbot pre-studyPre-study including business case and solution options for Aalto IT service desk chatbotDoneITS
Creative practices showcase pre-studyPre-study for assessing customer needs and solution options and roadmap for Aalto creative practicesDoneSchool of ARTS
Course workload prediction (PoC)Create machine learning model for predicting course workload. Present results to Alex Jung Machine learning group meeting.DoneCS department
Course feedback analysis and categorization (PoC)Create machine learning model for categorizing course feedback + EUNIS paperDoneCS department
Bencheit service categorization with machine learning (PoC)Bencheit IT expense data service categorization with machine learningDoneITS
Invention disclosure form digitasationDigitalise invention disclosure process with strong signaturesDone
Event management market assessment

Carry out market assessment for event management solutions as part of new Aalto event management system

Course registration analytics

Plan and develop Proof-of-Concept for analyzing students course registration by using Salesforce Einstein Discovery

HR chat bot CS pilot

Plan and implement HR chat bot pilot for CS department academic staff

DoneHR / CS department
A-Bio Microsoft Azure technical implementation specificationsDefine how to impelement a secure Microsoft Azure subscription for a research project in which to handle and process (customers') data, do research and implement (preferably serverless) services?OngoingCHEM / A-Bio group
Networking and storage specifications for Otanano measurement devicesDesign how laboratory devices will be networked depending on what kind of data they handle and how current their operating systems are. Also enable file service access to enable saving research data and to get backups from them.OngoingOtanano
A-Bio pre-study about secure Microsoft Azure implementationsHow to purchase a secure Microsoft Azure implementation for research purposes and projets? What possibilities are there, what are their costs, limitations and possibilties.DoneCHEM / A-Bio group
A-Bio software architechture and data flow PoCImplement data transfer from the process factory, via Siemens MindSpehere cloud to Microsoft Azure and serverless visualization service.DoneCHEM / A-Bio group
A-Bio software architechtureDefine a software architechture for A-Bio group to be used in the forecoming projects utilizing the process factory, Siemens MindSphere cloud, Microsoft Azure, containers, machine learning and AI.DoneCHEM / A-Bio group
Booking assessment
  • Assess and compare booking solutions on the market
  • Identify booking related trends
DoneITS Joint Services
ITSM ticket categorization with machine learning
  • Implement Proof-of-Concept for categorizing ITSM ticket in eSupport by using machine learning
Digitizing student related decisions
  • Define the optimal solution for digitizing student related decisions
  • Purpose is to get rid of the current paper decisions, which are stored in student folders. LES personnel needs to be able to easily view, manage and store student related decisions
Digital thesis submission -PoC support
  • Support with the development of a Proof-of-Concept on Salesforce platform
Digital thesis submission MVP planning
  • Define MVP solution and plan for students digital thesis submission
Cloud services for researchers - pre-study
  • Gather user needs from researchers about cloud services
  • Current pain points and improvement ideas
  • Define recommendations about cloud services target state
Research innovation and commercialization - business study
  • Gather business needs from key stakeholders (Innovation services and Start-up center)
  • Prioritize needs
  • Create high-level roadmap
HR chat bot PoC
  • Solution planning for HR chatbot Proof-of-Concept
  • Increase competence in chat bot area
Chemistry school order management system modernization
  • Gather business needs from key stakeholders
  • Define high-level solution and next steps
Time booking solution pre-study
  • Define MVP requirements for solution
  • Identify and assess solution options
Campus events mobile app
  • Collect MVP requirements for mobile app
  • Define high-level solution (mobile, API / integration, event data sources)
  • MVP focus is on student needs and events
DoneITS Joint Services
Researcher matching MVP
  • Define use cases and solution for research matching
  • Develop MVP solution
Academic conference services assessment
  • Assess conference services pain points and development areas
  • Define solution options (next step)
VÄRE space requirements pre-study
  • Collect, analyze and summarize ARTS space requirements for VÄRE building
DoneITS Joint Services