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TEE-based solution. Based on studying the feasibility of using trusted computing technologies, we propose a new carousel design pattern by having the TEE continuously circle the dictionary, such that a batch of queries can be answered within a single carousel cycle. Similar to the approach in [1], the server encodes the database as a compact data structure. Since the TEE needs to circle the whole data structure, the choice of data structure has a significant impact on the performance of the system. After experimentally evaluating the performance of several well-known data structures, we chose 4-ary cuckoo filter for our protocol. To process queries, the TEE cycles through the data structure and scans its contents in order to answer the received queries. The data structure is divided into several chunks and invoked sequentially with each chunk as input along with waiting queries. Incoming queries are associated with the identifier of the chunk in which they arrived, which is defined as their time of arrival. The TEE compares each entry in the chunk with the queries inside its memory and records the results. This process is repeated for each chunk. To avoid information leakage, the TEE i) performs constant-time processing for every entry, and ii) ensures that every query remains in TEE for exactly one full carousel cycle. This work has been published in AsiaCCS ’17 and received an Honorable Mention [3]. It has been selected as one of the top 10 papersfrom Europe in  in the Applied Research Contest at CSAW Europe [4]. 


[8] Jian Liu, Li Duan, Yong Li and N. Asokan. "Secure deduplication of encrypted data: Refined Model and New Constructions." Accepted by CT-RSA 2018.