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  • Quick Guide for Wiki Space Administrators

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  • Personal Wiki spaces are created from personal profile pages, for details see Quick Guide for All Users.
  • Shared Wiki spaces, so-called "'global spaces" ' can only be created by TKK employees by using the Create a Space tool.


  1. Define the purpose of the Wiki space briefly and clearly: why it exists and what it is meant for. Encourage users to participate in creating and modifying pages; do not make pages "'too complete"'.
  2. Write specific instructions in the space and add links to additional instructions.
  3. It is also worth defining the copyrights of the material to be created in the space. 
    titleUseful links:

    Wikipatterns offers clear instructions that facilitate the introduction of a wiki space:


  1. To assign permissions go to: Browse space > Space admin > Permissions
  2. Choose 'Edit Permissions' under the heading 'Groups'
  3. If you want to add a group, write the name of the group under the heading 'Groups' into the text box 'Grant permission to' and choose 'Add'.
  4. Add or remove permissions.
  5. Save changes by clicking "'Save All"'
  6. Check that everything was done correctly

If you want to delete the entire group, uncheck all the boxes and save!

titleUseful links:

titleHAKA tip

The user group haka_users consists of reliably identified users whose home organisation is a Finnish


university, polytechnic or research institute.

3.2 Individual Users

It is often necessary to grant permissions separately for each user in a group, especially if you want the wiki space to be restricted, or want to grant certain users more comprehensive rights than to the whole group.


  1. Go to permissions: Browse space > Space admin > Permissions
  2. Select "Edit Permissions" under the heading 'Anonymous Access'
  3. To deny the permission to view, uncheck 'View'.
  4. To deny the permission to comment, uncheck 'Comments - Create'
  5. Save all the changes by clicking 'Save All'.
  6. Make sure that everything was done correctly.

Anonymous users shall only be granted permission to read and comment!

4. Inviting Users to Join the Wiki