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Sisu - Core Information System for Teaching and Studies

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Sisu ninchat

Transfer of student information to Frank has been delayed. Repairs are underway.


Registrations for courses in period I have begun. Course registration instructions for students and teachers.

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titleWhat is Sisu?

Sisu is a new student information system, developed in co-operation with six universities. Sisu has replaced Aalto University’s current student information system Oodi.

At Aalto University Sisu will be deployed in its entirety in autumn 2021. In addition to Aalto, Sisu has been acquired by the following universities:

  • University of Helsinki
  • University of Jyväskylä
  • University of Tampere
  • Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT
  • Hanken School of Economics

The HOPS individual study plan made by the student is the basis for many processes in Sisu. Sisu makes it possible to track progress and develop studies based on the HOPS In the future Sisu will also offer: 

  • a register of student information and studies  
  • tools for teachers to managing course registrations and grade studies  
  • a function to prepare degree certificates
  • online application processes, e.g. applications for graduation, for extending the duration of studies and for credit transfer
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titleInformation about the website

Sisu Help is an instructional website of how to use the studying and teaching information system Sisu in Aalto University. There are instructions for Aalto students, teachers, and administration on it.

Study Information Services group is liable for the website and keeps it updated. The group subject to the  Student Services Team which is a part of Aalto University Learning Services.

Further information about the website:

Contact information:


From Oodi to Sisu: important dates

Select your user group: students | teachers | staff (in Finnish only, excel file)

Access Sisu at

Students, faculty and staff access Sisu with their Aalto username and password. Sisu-related news and announcements for students and faculty can be found in and for Learning Services personnel on the Teams channel  Opintotietopalvelut (LES)

titleTeachers and staff must apply for permissions to use Sisu

User support

Please contact sisu [at]




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rootInstructions for students



(You can see the list after you log in with your Aalto ID)

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rootInstructions for teaching staff



(You can see the list after you log in with your Aalto ID)

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rootInstructions for administrative staff

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