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A Quick Guide to New Features in Aalto Wiki

Table of Contents


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Creating a space

Creating a space has changed somewhat. The place to start creating a new wikispace is still at the first page (dashboard) of Aalto Wiki :

You can create a space by clicking on Create Space links in the dashboard

New layouts

The base layouts in Aalto Wiki have changed. The new versions of layouts have some different features than the old ones. 

The Global Layout

This is the default layout that is created for every wiki space in Aalto Wiki. There are some changes to global theme :


The Create button is present in the upper navigation banner.
In this context the Create button defaults to creating new pages for the current wiki space

The Sidebar. The Sidebar is a new feature, it can be modified from Configure Sidebar - menu.
The sidebar can be modified to contain automatic links, manually inputted links etc.

Space Tools -menu is now present in the lower left hand corner of the sidebar.
From here you can access all the Space admin menus you are familiar with.

Notice! The Space tools - menu only appears in the sidebar in the Global Theme!



The Space tools menu opens up into quick links to the most used configurations,
such as look and feel (themes) and permissions. To access the whole admin menu, click on Overview.





The Global theme admin page has a different look from previous versions.
The main admin navigation is spread out on one menu, when necessary there are
one or more sub menus in admin topics (Space Details, and Delete Space in the picture)

You can always go back to viewing you wiki space by clicking its name in the upper left hand corner.



The Documentation theme

The Documentation theme resembles the older wiki themes, both in appearance and in admin pages. 


  1. Space Admin pages can be found in Browse -menu in upper navigation bar
  2. Also Manage Users&Goups is found under Browse -menu
  3. The sidebar will contain navigation into the wiki pages in this space (children macro)





The admin menu in Documentation theme is also more traditional.

The admin topics are featured in a banner and sub categories are listed in the left hand side of the screen.


New Space types

There are now four different wikispace types. These types are intended for different kind of collaboration.

  1. Blank Space - the default blank space without any ready made features
  2. Documentation Space - a space with ready made features for documenting 
  3. Knowledge Space - a space for faq:s resources and best practises
  4. Team space - a space design for project teams and collaboration teams

If you are not sure of what you will be doing with your wikispace, or if your intended use does not fit the predesigned layouts,
it's best to start with a blank space. 

Create Button in the dashboard layout. It can be found in the same place in other core layouts also.

The Create Button

To make it easier for you to create content, there is now a Create button in every Confluence core layout, and even on the wiki dashboard (the front page)

Create Button in the dashboard layout. It can be found in the same place in other core layouts also.

After clicking Create button you first choose the space that you want to create a space into,
after that you can choose the type of page to create. These ready made page content 
types are called Blueprints. You can learn more about them from Atlassian :

The Create menu is space type aware, and shows only the types of pages you can create
into the wikispace you have chosen in Select Space - menu.




In the Global Theme there is a new feature, a configurable sidebar.
Enter Sidebar configuration by clicking open the Space Tools menu and choosing Configure sidebar 


Click on the pencil -icon to configure the space details (Space name & Space Avatar)

Pages, Blogs and other page blueprint types (memos, faq etc) automatically create a shortcut to their content when created. Here you can hide the shortcut if you want.

You can also add links to other wiki pages, or to webpages outside of Aalto Wiki

The navigation display options control whether the sidebar displays a page tree or all child pages automatically.